Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dr. Minivan in Pink Pajamas

O.k. well, Isaac and I are still in the PJs we wore last night, and actually, Isaac is still in the cloths he wore yesterday, oops. Well, it's cold outside, nobody has surprised us and come over for a visit, and sinfully I've been reading too much. I had to finish a book, but that “finish” line didn't come early. How's 3 am-ish? It was a good book though. Chris, the kind and wonderful husband he is, charitably got up with the boys, got them dressed, fed and got them off to school before I even noticed. When I finally made my eyelids assume the “awake” position, I saw Chris standing over the bed with an Egg McMuffin and a medium diet coke. That's when I knew he had gotten up and gone somewhere and it wasn't just to the bathroom. Sleep must start becoming a priority in my life. But that's hard to do when your "me" time doesn't start until 8 or 9pm.

Speaking of time, the time spent in a minivan with children can be very educational. I don't know if it's the rhythm of the car going over bumps, cracks, or pot holes that creates their willingness to talk, but whatever the reason, my kids are more at ease and conversational in the car. I think I could even recommend that child psychologist invest in a dirty minivan and load his patients in for a more productive session.

Dr. Minivan on the first day of Spring

This talkative session was over movies they can and can't see. There are kids they know at school and neighbors who "get" to watch pg-13 and R movies. They keep asking me why they can't watch them. Some of them include Spiderman, Batman, the Hulk, and other superhero movies. It's really hard to tell them at this age the reasons for the rating when those characters are aimed at boys with super-hero imaginations. Well, anyway, that has been the topic of many a conversation. But this time it was about why in general movies are rated that way. A lot of times I make the mistake of saying "I don't know" to questions I don't always want to get into too deep. Like what makes a film a certain rating. Finally, in his infinite 6 year old wisdom, Douglas enlightened me on the definitions and meanings of the ratings:


PG= Pretty good

PG-13= Pretty good if you're 13

R= Really Bad

X= eXtremely Bad

Well there it is in case clarification was needed for any of you confused in a video store or movie theater.

Uh-oh, time to get Isaac dressed so we can go pick the boys up from school. Well, his outfit from yesterday isn’t too dirty. It’s stayin’ on. Just doing my part in water preservation or something like that (maybe it's my lack of interest in doing laundry).

Here's a couple of pictures from the yummy chocolate themed holiday known as Easter, the real reasons would be shared later that day while in church (unless they are so loaded on sugar they can't even concentrate).

Lookin' good and all Springy in your pastels.

Chocolate & Isaac equals an 11pm bed time.


Sean and Jeannette said...

Dr. Minivan made me laugh out loud. I think your minivan idea is brillllllliant:) I too seem more at ease in a car that has a few crumbs here and there (by "crumbs" I mean anything ranging in size from an actual crumb to a dirty diaper.) I hardly know what to do with myself in a rental car! Too clean, too new=too boring!

kimhumpherys said...

Becky, you're a riot! You've kept me laughing all these years! Glad the tradition still holds..I got together with Lindsay (Hatch) this past weekend over Easter for a few hrs. and was fun to catch up. She's been married for 3 or 4 years and hopes to adopt a baby this year! Anyhow, Dr. Minivan..so funny! Love it! Looks like spring in Michigan hasn't changed a bit!

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