Bad eating habbits: The real cause of global warming

Our living room currently has a lingering noxious cloud of vomit scent thanks to Isaac and his strategic placement of certain odor causing particles. He is fine and was jumping around gleefully between each purge. Unfortunately, Reed and Douglas, as well as their mother, cannot get past the smell. It lingers in their noses and consumes their every thought so much that their knowledge of nature and its olfactorious ways have been deeply explored. During one of those colliding trains of thoughts, Douglas observed, while getting in bed last night, that" penguins aren't that lucky."

What? There is always a basis from where these thoughts come, so in order to find out the reason for a baby penguins lack of luck I inquired. He told me that it's “because when they are sick their moms have to throw up in their mouths."

I thought he was going to mention something about the theory of "global warming” or that they happen to be the favorite dish of the leopard seal. Apparently we haven't clarified the odd feeding methods of penguins or other birds. Yes, I'd have to agree that they aren't that lucky because of that very method of feeding, but to him it would seem that well fed penguins are always sick. Or at least they should be after a meal like that.


Brynn said…
Ha ha ha, that Douglas is such a thinker! I hope Isaac is doing better now!
Matt and Leigh said…
vomit smells...ahhhhh. My mom use to clean up the throw-up areas with vinegar to take away the smell. All that did was make me feel like hurling everytime I smelled vinegar.
Melisa said…
You crack me up!
I love reading your blog because I never know what I am going to be reading about! I hope all is well and that the smell has been dissolved by now!

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