There's a Bad Guy under our couch!

Isaac now has a toy that is officially named "bad guy". The other day he woke up and his first question was "where's the bad guy?' I guess the "good guy" must always be on his guard when there's a bad guy on the loose. This bad guy gets put on time-outs, often. Yesterday when I was about to use the microwave, I found the bad guy sitting in there awaiting his sentence. Fortunately, for the "bad guy" and the well being of the microwave, the executioner couldn't get the power or radioactive phasor going. Thank goodness for the safety button which was previously implemented by the good guys” superiors?

This is actually the "bad guy's" 2nd in command. The actual bad guy refused to get out from under the couch, afraid of being in pictures, and no doubt up to something bad.


etosamoe said…
and all this time I though I was the bad guy. Maybe only at nap time.
Melisa said…
That safety button sounds useful. I need to find out if my microwave has one!
The Earls said…
That is hilarious. I love the imagination of kids. And it's also fun to see how much they really do listen to you when they are disciplining the "bad guy".
Welch Mom said…
You have to have a scapegoat mom, come on!

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