Elizabeth Bennet in love with Jean-luc Picard

Over the past 6 years, Chris and I have formed a stronger and stronger “mind meld” as each other’s interests have been shared and understood through the other’s subtle form of indoctrination. Chris is a great fan of Science Fiction and I of Jane Austen and all things Georgian. Chris enjoys a Star Trek/ Battlestar Gallactica/ Star Gate night of entertainment. I enjoy a Jane Austen/Charlotte Bronte/Harry Potter night of entertainment. ( Of course, Lord of the Rings is common ground, who doesn’t like that?!). Being married to the other requires willingness to compromise. “We’ll watch 3 star trek episodes this time and then we’ll watch Pride and Prejudice the next time.” As Mr. Bennet would say of us "I have not a doubt of your doing very well together. Your tempers are by no means unlike. You are each of you so complying, that nothing will ever be resolved on."

Because we have shared each other’s preferred entertainment on many an evening, we each have let language from the other’s obsession seep into our own daily vocabularies. For example I once mentioned to Chris, when I was very hungry, that “I [had] a sudden craving for the blood of a live Kolar beast” (a line from Star Trek that Warf said during a reoccurrence of jak’tahla (male Klingon puberty)). I was really hungry that night, and that was a line that Chris would instantly understand and know that he had better feed his wife soon or either his or some Kolar beast’s life might be in grave danger.

Just last night I caught Chris quoting a line from Pride and Prejudice. We were discussing how it would be nice to have a room in our house that had no TV and was not the bouncing arena for 3 boys. Suddenly Chris, in a very Lady Catherine De Berg voice, said "This must be a most inconvenient sitting room for the evening, in summer; the windows are full west."

Last night, while discussing this compromise of taste, we thought how funny it would be to make a movie where Star Trek meets Pride and Prejudice. We got so far as to cast the film that I’m sure would be a hit if ever made. If you know any better to fill the rolls, do let us know.

Elizabeth Bennet: Dr. Beverly Crusher

Mr. Darcy: Captain Jean-luc Picard (or Spock, depending on how serious we wanted him to be)

Jane Bennet: Counselor Deanna Troi

Mr. Bingley: Geordi LaForge

Mr. Bennet: Commander William T. Riker

Mrs. Bennet: Lwaxana Troi (Deann’s mother on Star Trek Next Generation)

Mr. Wickham: Q

Lydia Bennet: Nurse Christine Chapel (she'd have to be very, very, very drunk!)

Uncle Gardner: Dr. Leonard McCoy

Caroline Bingley: V-GER (pronounced Veejer) formally known as Ilea before being taken over by the heart broken V-GER

Mr. Hurst: B-4 (Data’s mentally challenged younger brother)

Mr. Collins: Quark (a Ferengi )

Lady Catherine DeBerg: Sela (a Romulan)


Of course the setting would have to be at Longbourn and Pemberly, but there would be food synthesizers and live Kolar beast would definitely be on the menu.

By the way,we didn’t have a place for Warf in this tale, but Chris decided if our next project was to be Jane Eyre, that he would make a great Mr. Rochester.


Melisa said…
Well, I understood the P&P half of this post. :) I need more exposure to sci-fi.
Brynn said…
Oh man, if I had any idea of who the Star Trek people were, this would be absolutely hilarious. As it is, it's still pretty darn funny!
The Earls said…
Wow! Sounds a lot like Dan and I, except I just can't get into Star Trek and he can't stand P&P. So we watch on our own time. At least I broke through with Harry Potter, he's finally reading the books!
BTW, when and where are Holt ward's playgroups?
etosamoe said…
Too bad the writers are on strike, we'll just have to do the screenplay ourselves.

P.S. Transporters make 50 miles "a very easy distance."
etosamoe said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
etosamoe said…
P.P.S. We've been "mind melding" over 7 years, not 6. Which year was bad enough that you had to block it out? ;)


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