Chicken noodle Soup for the Toes

The other night I became adventurous and made chicken noodle soup from scratch. This is something I've actually never done before. Campbell’s has always taken that responsibility off my shoulders. If I'm not mistaken, making stock includes putting chicken bones or parts in water to soak the flavors out. Please correct my not-so-domestic knowledge. Personally, I prefer a bouillon cube. Well, bone's not included, the boys loved it! When this happens, Douglas will always say: Why don't you make this every night?! I rarely get that compliment from the Dougie-bear, so I try to remember the item being served on such occasions.

Somehow that night we got on the subject of tongues (dinner time subjects are always random at our house). What are tongues for? Where does the tongue end (Reed says it goes all the way to the stomach)? After concluding that tongues are where we taste the food we eat, Douglas pointed out to me that if he didn't have a tongue he wouldn't complain so much about the food I make. Ouch! This comes from a kid willing to eat sardines with Chris but refuses to eat pancakes. So weird. I think he might be the kind of kid who would eat a worm on a dare. I guess its fish eyes and chicken toes for dinner tonight, with a side of ranch. Ranch dressing always makes unpleasant things taste better.


Matt and Leigh said…
embryonically tongues originate from epiblast cells... fyi...
Welch Mom said…
Funny conversation!
Yum, homemade chicken noodle soup sounds good right now! You are adventurous!
On kids and food: Tanner won't eat french fries to save his life and has actually made Ladd pour his soda down the sink because it is bad for him. Of course trying to get Tanner to eat his veggies because they are good for him is another story!
Melisa said…
What a woman! My kids never like anything I make. They only like Brad's cooking. What is up with that?!

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