Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day (or as Reed refers to it: Dr. Luther King Day)

At the boys' school these past 2 weeks there has been much focus on the celebration of Martin Luther King Day. They know more about the holiday than I do. Kids can be so educational. In order to properly celebrate the holiday we decided to ask them the reasons. Reed had the most to say on the subject.

What did Martin Luther King do?

Reed: He got shot.

Why do we have a holiday for him?

Reed: Because he had a dream.

What was dream about?

Reed: He's a Doctor and he's a King.

We then went on to shed greater light on his profound answers. I find it quite funny to learn what kids actually glean from the teachings school provides. I guess their principal was singing a lot of songs for the holiday over the loud speaker. I believe one of them had the word Hallelujah in it because Reed came home last week singing “Hallelujah Dr. King!”

On a more serious note. We are grateful for those brave people, like Dr. King, who are willing to fight for what is right and at times losing their own lives in the process.

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Welch Mom said...

The thing is from experience this is what the teachers fear. We know that the one bad thing that happens in the day is what the kids will tell there parents they learned. You should hear the things that kids tell teachers about what happens at home. It is so funny!

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