Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hey! Where's my rhinoplasty?!

Here we have “Pokey”, looking nice and sharp in his stony grey skin. The pointy features on his nose have made him quite famous even among Hollywoodies, who go in throngs to their favorite plastic surgeons to get what is called a rhinoplasty. How flattering for this fabulous beast, a true Cyrano de Bergerac of the animal kingdom. Oh, and his poetry, who nose where it will take him.

O.k., enough cheese…

This fashion news was inspired by my 2 year old son Isaac who has renamed the Rhino. The new name for this lovely beast is “Pokey”. Isaac will have nothing to do with “rhinoceros” and even gets quite angry when contradicted on the subject. Pokey, on account of his sharper features, has become the obvious target of bad behavior, spending many a minute on timeouts. Why must he be blamed for every careless barefoot stepping on him? Where is personal responsibility? Wear shoes for Pokey’s sake!

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Melisa said...

I stepped on a toy the other day and just about broke into tears. Ouch! I need to wear shoes around the house!

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