Breaking and Entering

As you may have read in a previous blog entry, Isaac’s use of the bathroom has been limited and is only permitted under parental supervision. Since he doesn’t use it as a bathroom but rather as a splash park, we have had to keep the doors locked. We use various sharp tools such as paper clips and nails to unlock the doors prior to the proper use of these linoleum lined sanctums. Well, this charming, observant, and quite intelligent young man has observed this process of lock picking one too many times. Here, in this photograph, I have actual proof of a 2 year old picking a lock with a toothpick (toothpick! What a great idea!). Because he is a minor I don’t think this particular act of “breaking and entering” will tarnish his nearly perfect record. Let’s just hope he doesn’t run for any political office in the future, you never know how deep they’ll dig for the tiniest bit of dirt.


Melisa said…
Uh oh! Watch out because clever little boys like that will keep you really busy! (as if you didn't already know...)
Was he successful?!?! That little man is quite clever. He picks up on everything!! What you really should have done (in knowing that he picks up easily on things) is go to the door with a spatula and pretend like that is the magical answer for getting it to unlock. :)
Matt and Leigh said…
Breaking and Entering. Good thing he has an attorney in the family who will do his legal work for him for cheap. I love the intensity of his eyes while he is pickin' the lock with his B&E tool. Maybe by the time he is four, he'll own a locksmith company. -leigh
Isaac sure is determined! That's great that you got a picture of him in the act! Hey, maybe his skills will come in handy someday if you ever get locked out of the house...

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