Tigger gets frost bite

Isaac has weened himself off of naps, hmmm...

Tigger Mania: The need to be in possession of a Tigger stuffed animal that has held no interest in the past 5 years, but is suddenly awakened when another in close proximity has picked it up. In this case the subjects begrudgingly chose to take 3 minute turns with the toy, rotating like this for nearly an hour. The strange thing was, that during their possession, the toy wasn't played with, just carefully and territorially watched.

Here are a couple of pictures from our adventure to a tree farm near our house. It was a ton of fun once our limbs and all our exposed skin finally froze. We picked out a nice tree and then Chris had a Paul Bunyan moment with a hack saw (or whatever they are called, sharp with teeth). We took some extra cut limbs from a pile and put them in the car. I'll be leaving them there like I did last year, acting as an air freshener. Dried up pickles left in mysterious places by Douglas is a hard odor to fight. Go Pine Tree Scent! Horah!


Brynn said…
SO FUN going to chop down your own tree! And ha ha ha about tigger...go figure! your boys are so funny!
Melisa said…
Computer issues have kept me away, so I'm glad to finally catch up on your posts.

We have a timer in every room in our house. Not just for time outs either. We use them to help the boys take turns. So, I know what you mean about Tigger.

You are brilliant with that air freshner idea.

I hope to stay current in the future!
Welch Mom said…
What great Paul Bunyans they all look so determined!
kimhumpherys said…
we miss the tree farms! this year we went fake, how sad! but we get to take the prelit tree, fully decorated and with his zip up bag and store it in the basement until next year..he,he!

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