Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas was wonderful! We had my parents here and loved every minute of it. Though, I'm sure they were ready for a vacation from us when it was time to go. We can be somewhat messy at times. Well, not we, but three. We all got spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it.

Besides opening presents, eating too much chocolate, sugar cookies and cherry flavored popped corn balls, we managed to make a very classy snow man. Well, that is, grandpa and boys did. I was part of the critiquing audience and my mom was the provider of the carrot nose, truffle eyeballs, and junior mint buttons. I noticed some of the buttons were missing today, so I figure there is one cute squirrel out there with great breath, giving all the squirrel-etts New Year's kisses, yowee!

The adorable grandma and grandpa Hartvigsen. My mom looks great in flannel, doesn't she?!

Spider men busy making sure the right present goes to the right spider.

Fire truck, ooooo...

Must we really wait to go down to open our presents?! Yes. Suspense and the proper seating arangements must be made before all the chaos begins.

Oooo, eeeeee, aaahhhhh! Fire, cool!

Happy New Year! It is midnight on January 1st, 2008 and I am awake! Of course I’ve been up reading and watching chick flicks in Chris’ absence and didn't notice it was a new year until I heard some fireworks go off outside. I think they were set off up the street by our not so fire conscious neighbors (the one's that keep the Lansing police department busy and entertained).

Yes, that's right, I am all alone on this New Year’s Eve, as Chris is in Utah attending the wedding of his youngest sister, Lacey. I’m very happy for Lacey and Jake and am glad that Chris can be with them for this wonderful occasion. But as this is the case, I find myself alone with nobody to kiss as the ball drops. I’m sure that my 3 boys would be willing to each give me a nice, wet and snotty kiss, but it isn’t the same. Oh well, maybe next year Chris.

What does a girl do when alone besides watch chicky type movies? Well she also reads chicky type books to pass the time. Thanks to a friend with a similar love for tasteful romance novels, I have just finished another good book, and there were no vampires or werewolves in this one. Tasteful romances can include anything Austen, Bronte, Alcott, or, yes even Stephenie Meyer type books. The latest of these was a book by Shannon Hale called “Austenland”. I loved it and am now in the mood, in my lonely state, to turn Finding Nemo off and put on a movie including a certain Colin Firth.

Well, it sounds like Isaac wants a New Year’s kiss and a diaper change, so I had better go!

By the way, Chris and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, "mawidge and twoo wove." We thought about getting each other gifts, but who wants the traditional gift of copper or wool? Or the modern gift of a desk set. So, we decided that we would try to get a remote control car starter to get the car pre-warmed in the c-c-c-cold weather. Thus taking care of the need for more wool outerwear, copper heat elements (if that's what they're made of), and the burning of desk sets to keep warm.

Chris is the most wonderful man, husband, and father, and I am so happy that I caught him and reeled him in with my "wicked wiles". Thanks for marrying me Chris and I love you! (sorry to you who may be reading this mushy stuff, but I could get sooooo much more mushy, so just read it and thank me for not getting mushier).


Brynn said…
HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I'd SO be watching P&P too!
Can't wait to see you again. I hope you had a wonderful, woolly anniversary!! :)
naomi said…
Oooooh, Colin Firth.

Happy Anniversary to you!
We just celebrated our 7th too.
Melisa said…
Yeah, I feel your pain, sista. At least I got to talk on the phone to Brad at midnight and make a smacking sound on the phone. Sigh.

I watched P&P a couple weeks ago. I didn't even take a break. Made a day of it. It was a lovely day.

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