Let it snow!

Reed and Douglas are rediscovering the wondrous beauty of snow and the slippery sledding adventures found on its surface. I've been designated, but not yet formally named, White Fang. This afternoon they found a little bit of a gradual elevation change in our back yard. This is not a feature often found in the Michigan landscape. I really don't know where these supposed "slopes" for skiing are located. I hear advertisements for them on the radio but never see them. I saw on a map a place called Mt. Brighton, but I think it might be the highest green on a golf course in the area, flag pole included.

I hope that snow ball is not for me!

Where did my feet go?!


kimhumpherys said…
becky, michigan people ski on landfills! crazy!!
Melisa said…
This Michigan snow has been fun so far. But I'm not really a fan of driving in it!

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