Cats, bats, and dental work, oh my!

It was a dark and stormy night, ah-ha!
"Le Mew.. "
(French kitty from Bugs Bunny cartoon)

This is what will happen if you eat too much candy corn.

It keeps getting worse!

...and worse!

Help mom! My socks won't come off for some reason.

We had a wet Halloween, as you can see from Isaac's hair, pants and socks. They insisted that we go, and I insisted that we quit when I could squeeze water out of my hair. First thing Isaac did when we got home, other than strip, was bring me a piece of his loot to de-package. Mommy quickly confiscated all the candy and put it into a large zip lock for giving out in a more controlled manner. Isaac was so loaded with sugar that he didn't fall asleep until 11pm last night!


Brynn said…
Your boys were cute little dressed up trick or treaters! Looks like they got quite the haul of candy too!
The Earls said…
Brave woman! It was pouring rain some parts of the night. I'm glad your kids had fun though.
Melisa said…
I love the new blog look. :)

I can't let my boys see these pictures or I'll spend the next week with candy corn tooth boys.

Daven found our stash of candy. And raided it. I'll have to hide it better for more controlled distribution.
Brynn said…
Becky, you've been tagged...:) Check out my blog when you get a minute! :)

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