"I was...grooming."

Being a mom you sometimes find yourself doing things that you never thought you would do before you had kids. Today I took the boys to school and as usual we forgot to comb their hair. Reed, who rarely has the hair problems of Douglas, had a lock of hair in the front sticking strait up. I kept trying to press it down with my hand but it wasn't working. I all of a sudden found myself taking my fingers to my mouth to collect that adhesive that all mom's use in such a situation. Luckily, I realized where I was and that my son was a big tough Kindergartener, surrounded by his peers and their parents. I stopped myself from doing it, but it was not easy. When I picked him up today I was relieved to see that the stubborn, slobber free piece of hair had finally conformed to the direction of the other hair. You know how they have those little Tide cleaners for emergency stain removal? They could probably make one full of spit for the last minute face cleanings, hair flattenings, or even ketchup stain removals. The hard part would be selling it, but deep down inside, we know it would really work.

This picture of Isaac was at the Holt Ward chili cook off. I didn't win anything by the way. I'm not offended as I don't really like chili and the only one I tried was my own because it's the only chili I've ever liked. Yes, I know I'm not very adventurous in the chili department, but there are few who are and even fewer who should be, if you get the "air" of my meaning. Isaac found it more amusing running around the gym than sampling the eatables. He only ate the crackers and cheese meant to go with the chili, oh well, it's something.

All three boys like playing in the dirt that gathers in our gutter. It gets really exciting when it rains and small lakes form. I don't think they should make white shoes.


Great post. I told myself I would never lick my hand and fix the hair of my child. Luckily I never promised not to lick my finger to remove ketchup or something else on their face on our way into a public place! It's fabulous being a mom! Our poor kids!
I'm glad that I am not the only mother of boys that forgets to comb their hair! I like it that you can buzz off all their hair and not have to worry about it for a while. You can't do that with girls!
Welch Mom said…
I have done that to Cole and Robb!

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