Holy Moly!

As you can see we like playing outside. We enjoy chasing squirrels, rabbits, and butterflies. On occasion we chase each other. I'm currently trying to chase down a mole that has made its home in my garden. I've been having evil thoughts about what I'd do with that mole if I found it. I sometimes feel like Mr. McGreggor in the story of Peter Rabbit. Luckily I have no missing vegetables, just a bunch of mounds and displaced dirt. I called the Village People (I love calling them that), or the people who work for the place we are living, to tell them about our mole problem and the lady there told me that their mom recently shoved them out of their home to make their own way in the world, or the yard. "Just don't come 'round here looking for shovels sonny, dig like a man, use your teeth if you must!" said Mama Mole in a rather stern voice.

Look, a butterfly!

While Grandma H. was here she decided to test the power of the hose by squirting Reed and Douglas. They loved it. They didn't get too wet as that was a rather big tree they hid behind. By the way the hose distance was quite impressive.


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