Prancing Peacocks...

Isaac and I went to the Potter Zoo on Tuesday with our friends Cindy and Adam. We had a great time walking around and experiencing all the different smells one can partake of at the zoo. "Eeee-oooo" as Isaac says in such a situation. I get to go to the zoo again next week for Douglas' school field trip, and then again for Reed's. Can't they all just do it on one day?! The two most interesting parts of our zoo experiences were the otters and the peacocks. When we first got to the zoo the otters were asleep so we thought we'd just check them out on the way out. When we approached the tank for the second time it was hard to see them as a large group of elementary students were crowding the place. We finally squeezed in for a look. They were moving all over the place. The were dancing, no they were wrestling, no. . . "eeeee-ooooo"! They were giving the 1st graders a lesson on the birds and bees!
Now, the peacocks and peahens were roaming the zoo freely and making their funny calls to each other. We finally saw a large peacock (male) with his big beautiful feathers. He had just found a bunch of peahens and decided to show them his stuff. He showed his feathers and then did this strut where he slowly turned in a circle and shook his back feathers. It was hilarious to see this. But again, there were the girls and he was trying to impress (though they didn't seem all that interested). I don't think I should go to the zoo in the spring ever again. Busy, busy, busy.
Other than zoos, we've just been playing outside in the nice weather. We had a huge rainstorm the other day. We were driving and it was coming down so hard that we could barely see a thing. I have never seen such huge rainstorms as I have out here. No wonder none of them need a sprinkler system.
Well, till the next zoo experience and hopefully they'll be done with whatever they do in the spring, "eeeee-ooooo"!


Brynn said…
EEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo is right!!!! That is sick!! When we were driving into Cache Valley from sardine canyon, I was just driving, enjoying the beautiful scene and I looked over at some spring-time loving cows. Gross. I am starting to hate the spring...

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