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I finally have one of these blogs. I was a little confused when people started talking about them like maybe there was a new form of a bad head cold. So...let's see how this works. Me and all the boys are busy doing whatever it is we do. All I know is that at about 4:00pm I'm about dead and strangely morph into one of those dogs that paces the front window, wiping it's slobbery nose all over it, and with great intensity awaits Chris' return. When that glorious moment arrives I run like mad to a quiet place. You know, like Target or Lowe's (I love hardware stores).

I consider myself the queen of the run-on sentence, so be prepared for the chaos if you read my blog (oooo...I used those words "my blog"- yes I know I'm wierd so stop saying it).

Life is going well here in Lansing. But it is nice to get out once in a while. Yesterday we went to Holland, MI (very foreign) to see the tulips. There are 5 million of them according to the sign. Along with the tulips the second crowd pleasing feature is their herd of Bison. I didn't know their were Bison in Holland. Weird, but the boys sure loved 'em.

Chris has been taking finals and has 2 left. That means we'll have exactly 1 more year of law school to go. Yipee! We are actually having a great time here. We have met so many nice people and hope we can keep in touch in the years to come. Reed and Douglas are in kindergarten readiness and will start kindergarten next fall. They love school and I love seeing them grow and learn. They are so fun and cute and are always making me laugh. Isaac, wow, what a kid. He's 22 mos. now and will be 2 in July. He thinks he's 5 like his brothers. Tonight he was crawling around and barking pretending to be a dog. The dangerous part was when he tried to bite my toes. He is so cute and full of personality. Life is so fun with kids. Chris and I are never bored with them around.

Chris and I have gotten addicted to Sudoku puzzles, aaahhhh! They are fun but hard to put down. Rumor has it the logic puzzles like that actually help the brain. I need all the help I can get. My belief is that a woman gives a part of her brain away with the birth of each child. It takes some time to regrow what was lost, thus the need for brain stimulating activities.

We love this warmer weather and are glad to say good bye to the ice cream headaches one gets from from inhaling in the winter. I already have dirt stained hands from playing in the garden.

We miss all you family and friends who are far away from us. Hopefully this blog, aaahhhChoo! can help keep us better in touch.


Alma said…
I didn't know there was the possibility of my brain growing back! I thought it was gone forever. I better start doing more Sudoku Puzzles. They are addictive, so I try not to start them too often, because then I neglect the other priorities in life. But if my brain will grow back... maybe I should make it a priority. - yvette
Brynn said…
That tulip picture is gorgeous! (and it goes without saying your boys' pictures are too!) Hooray for getting out and about!
leigh said…
Isn't blog life grand?! Sounds like ya'll are having a wonderful spring so far. Anything involving millions of tulips has got to be exciting. I am going to try to link your blog to mine so we can be blog-sisters!
Matt and Leigh said…
Oh... a word of caution... the wisdom and mental sharpness provided by sudoku puzzles comes a few weeks later when you realize where all those hours of your life went... and that there are super sudoku which incorporate letters and numbers... enjoy-
Welch Mom said…
Cute photos. I am so glad you are a "blogger" now. Don't you feel good you have been transformed. You are now one of us:)
gavin said…
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gavin said…
I look forward to reading your upcoming blogs. I have a new economics blog that I have been wanting
Chris to read. Maybe you will enjoy it too.
See Ya-Gavin

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