Basement Animals

Here's some pictures and a video of the boys having a great time in the basement. They are so clever and animated. Isaac will do anything his older brothers do and with the same amount of enthusiasm. He will say anything too and is learning to make some of his own sentences. Speaking of animals, Douglas and I made our trek to the zoo on Tuesday. I had a great time one on one with him. Each of our kids are so much fun to spend time with, especially when they can have our complete attention. Douglas got to take a ride on a camel and we saw two tigers playing. There was one chewing on a tire while her brother quietly climbed up on a rock and then pounced her. It's a rare thing to see the zoo cats awake on a day visit, but quite fun. On our way out we walked by the Mandrills and they were both awake too. One was keeping quite entertained chewing some green spearmint gum. It looked like the Extra brand. He chewed then dangled it out of his mouth then slurped it back up and did it again. I noticed quite a few high school groups at the zoo, sooo... One of the zoo attendants was quite ruffled when she found out what was entertaining so many of us patrons.

We went miniature golfing for family night and gave Isaac his first lesson in putting. He really tried swinging but was better at dropping the ball in the whole via his hand. They had a water feature (little waterfalls and streams) that was more interesting than golfing. Isaac sat in it and splashed in it to keep cool as it was in the 80's and humid. The boys thought the point of the game was to get your ball in the hole the fastest.
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