Eggs, etc.

Brunch and Easter Egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Williams house.  We had a great time visiting and chasing the girls outside.  We don’t’ get down often enough to visit, what is wrong with us?

Princesses [1024x768]

Here are two of the princess cousins wishing they would be let off of the deck in order to run wild in the yard.

IMG_9956 [1024x768]

Twin cousins, yes they run rampant in our family.

IMG_9958 [1024x768]

Miss Maeli getting the spirit of the egg hunt.

IMG_9962 [1024x768]

IMG_9963 [1024x768]

This is Elizabeth abusing her new found freedom and taking off toward the street.  “Mommy, you can’t catch me!”

IMG_9965 [1024x768]

Miriam:  “Why does my mom keep trying to get me to pick up these colored eggs?  I didn’t leave them out here.” 

IMG_9968 [1024x768]

A long day of play rewarded with a nap on the ride.

Below is the let’s-try-to-entertain-bored-brothers activity.  Very fun!  Bows made from popsicle sticks and dental floss with Q tip arrows.  No harm done.  They might have even cleaned their ears when they were done.

IMG_9938 [1024x768]IMG_9945 [1024x768]IMG_9942 [1024x768]IMG_9940 [1024x768]

Elizabeth…need I say more?

IMG_9943 [1024x768]


The DeGiulio's said…
Looks like a fun time!

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