Social Grooming

I’ve started to wonder if those gatherings of monkeys we see on nature shows who patiently, yet methodically, comb through each other’s hair in order to find an eatable bug, first started out as grey hair hunting parties.  While searching for my own grey hair this evening, and plucking them out with excited triumph, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I had friends willing to help out?  O.k. the more I think about it, ya, kind of weird.  But if you didn’t think about it too hard, it would be very convenient.  I always half-jokingly ask my hairdresser to pluck any she sees but I don’t think she thinks I’m serious, or maybe she’s just got bad vision and can’t see them; in which case, I probably shouldn’t trust her with scissors near my head.


“Did you find one?  Pluck it!  NOW!”


The DeGiulio's said…
Haha oh Becky your posts make me laugh. I've had grey/white hairs since I was in Jr. High I hate it. Not looking forward to getting older & dying my hair. Every so often I'll ask the hubby to pull them out or look for them myself

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