Dop Stooing that!

This evening, Isaac had been just as naughty as I could handle for the night, and while he lay sprawled out on the living room full of giggles, I came and stood over him trying to give him my most serious of looks.  The words I said didn’t make much sense because, besides mixing up the first letters of my words:  “Dop stooing that!”, I also stood next to both Miriam and Elizabeth who were imitating my exact stance, legs slightly parted, arms folded, and also looking down at Isaac.  As a result I got more giggles from Isaac, a few from myself, and decided on a new strategy which meant calling everyone to dinner. 


Melissa said…
Giggles are hard to control in little boys! Food always makes for a good change of pace.
Your girls are so, so cute as pioneers!

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