Sunny Days

Sunny Days, sounds either like a really unfortunately named country music singer or the offspring of a flower-child.  This one was actually neither, it was just  nice outside and we all thought we’d like to soak up a bit of the day’s warmth.

IMG_8339 [800x600]

IMG_8314 [800x600]

IMG_8338 [800x600]

Each time they took their turn they’d say, “Go [fill in your favorite super hero]!”  After about 5 times each, they were running out of known heroes and so they started making them up.  Most of them had the word “diaper” in the title, like Thor’s Diaper, or Doofenshmirtz’ Diaper, or Perry’s Diaper.  Weird.

IMG_8320 [800x600]

Miriam did NOT want to play in the cold water so after a while we brought out warm water from the house and put it in a long shallow plastic container.  She LOVED that and so did Elizabeth.  (The pictures all have a green tint because we were sitting under the green umbrella.  So now they look like baby leprechauns).

IMG_8324 [800x600]

IMG_8330 [800x600]

IMG_8332 [800x600]

IMG_8303 [800x600]

All dried, dressed, and dolled up after the days water time.  I took this picture because this was the longest time we managed to keep a bow in Elizabeth’s hair.


mommymuse said…
You are the BEST photographer!!! I plan on eloping to Italy if I ever get married, and not telling anyone, but I swear I'll tell you just so you can come take pictures :). Helps to have cute subjects, too. The pictures make me miss you!!!!!
The DeGiulio's said…
Haha love the picture of Elizabeth & the bow you have to record that one for sure. the girls look so cute in their suits.

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