Thursday, May 26, 2011



I am now the mother of twin 1 year olds, again.

Happy 1st Birthday to my baby girls!

IMG_7444 [800x600]

I know people are always shocked at how quickly their kids grow, but I am mega shocked!  How in the world did they turn 1 already?  My babies are now in the year category of age counting.  In rebellion I will keep referring to them in their month age, hey, maybe even weeks.  Yes, my daughter is 120 months old, and no, I will not do the math for you.

Introduction to  cake 101IMG_7433 [800x600]

IMG_7436 [800x600]

IMG_7437 [800x600]

Not quite sure about the cake, but the frosting was completely gone in the end.

IMG_7439 [800x600]

IMG_7463 [800x600]

IMG_7454 [800x600]

The Party Animals!  A post cupcake picture, obviously.


Two conversations in which mommy was quite entertained…

(Mommy watching Reed as he sneakily takes something off of the shelf and heads outside)

Mom:  What do you have?

Reed:  Can’t I just keep one secret to myself?

Mom:  No.

Reed:  Well, this one I’m keeping to myself.  (and hastily leaves the room.  Mom does not pursue, too busy laughing).

Watching Douglas in the back seat of the car doing something conniving to his brother Isaac.

Mom:  Give that back to your brother, it’s his.

Douglas:  I was just looking at it.

Mom:  Right now, please.

Douglas:  (with an evil smile on his face, throws it to/at his brother)  Here!

Mom/Dad:  Not like that. 

Douglas:  Like what?!

Mom/Dad:  We saw that evil smile on your face.

Douglas:  I guess you’ve found out my “tell.”  (said with a smile, not so evil).


Two babies who make their mommy smile and smile and smile (the big boys do that too, it’s just harder to capture them on camera being innocent and well mannered, and since I’m not the type to blackmail a person, I have refrained from taking  too many of those kinds of pictures (pickers, burpers, lickers, etc.)

IMG_7469 [800x600]

These hats aren’t as fancy as the ones worn to William and Kate’s wedding but they certainly aren’t lacking anything in their athletic simplicity.

IMG_7470 [800x600]IMG_7475 [800x600]

IMG_7481 [800x600]

Elizabeth fell asleep with the ipod in her hands and every time Chris tried to take it away, she would wake up and grab on tighter to it.  That’s the light saber app she’s got going.  I guess Jedis do keep them on/in hand when they sleep.

IMG_7521 [800x600]

IMG_7522 [800x600]

Doesn’t she look just like sherbet or a lollypop in these pajamas?


Isaac’s Kindergarten Class Performance

IMG_7489 [800x600]

The kindergarten kids were wonderful and all of them knew the songs. 

IMG_7490 [800x600]

Graham cracker encrusted Elizabeth totally enthralled during her big brother Isaac’s performance.

IMG_7493 [800x600]

Isaac is the second tallest kid in his class.  The girl next to him with the dress, is almost a whole head taller than him.  Now they are all on their way to 1st grade!  Oh, and did I mention, full day?!


Melissa said...

All very cute pictures! Happy 1st birthday girls and congratulations to Isaac to conquering kindergarten!

Andrea said...

I totally can relate to being mega shocked at how quickly a year went by this time. Just today I referred to Molly as being 13 months old, not 1. :)

And we definitely need to have a minor celebration when we send the boys off for a full day of school in the fall. Wahoo!

Deanne said...

Happy Birthday Girls! They are such sweet cuties! Love the pic with Elizabeth sleeping.

Jayne said...

Are you sure they're 1? I don't believe it. Time passed way too fast!

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