Meow…Captain Crunch?

Mama’s Losin’ It challenge #4…
4.) Share a photo that represents how you see yourself.

If I’d been the photographer in this picture, I’d be the one that the kittens are looking up at.

I am, of course, the half-awake gorgeous Snow White princess and instead of 7 dwarves, I only have 5.  You can almost hear them saying, “What’s for breakfast?  Who ate the last of my Lucky Charms?  Grumpy kicked me!

This would be me having a wonderfully peaceful and priceless moment with one of my babes.


Jayne said…
Oh Becky. You are Snow White! Serious! You look exactly like her in this picture. Long raven black locks and of course the little guy with his hand on his forehead standing on the bead looks just like Isaac (with a beard)! j/k By the way, how do you find such beautiful artwork online?!? You have the magic touch!

Earlier today I was looking at one of the craft blogs I follow and thought of you. Here's the URL:
VandyJ said…
Don't we all wish for the peaceful moments? Hope you can find more of them--I know I love them when they happen.
Heatherlyn said…
I love the bottom picture. It beautifully depicts what motherhood is like (at least SOME of the time). The kitten picture makes me think of the KIDS how they always look up and want stuff! And you DO look like snow white! I guess you just need to have two more kids and then you guys will have a Halloween theme! ;)
Mama the Chef said…
Wow, five!? there must not be many peaceful moments!! Bless your heart!
Melissa said…
I think that's why babies wake up in the middle of the night-to give you that peaceful moment with them that you just can't get during the day!

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