I’m starting to wonder if I have a serious addiction to taking pictures of my children.  I don’t seem to be able to stop myself and I may be causing some sort of retinal damage on my kid’s eyes from an over exposure to flashes.  There’s probably some psychiatric term for parents like me titled something like “havetotakeaphotoaddictivism.”  Who knows, they might be trying to come up with some sort of treatment in the form of a pill or maybe a nationwide ban on camera purchases for women with a plethora of abdominal stretch marks.  The following photos are proof that my addiction is becoming very serious, but until the photo psychiatrists come after me, I’m going to keep on doing it.

IMG_4001 [640x480]

Douglas with Miss Elizabeth

IMG_3821 [640x480]

A clean Miss Miriam just after her bath.  These girls are great fans of bath time, like any true lady with an understanding of creature comforts.

Meeting some of the relatives.

IMG_3823 [640x480] IMG_3824 [640x480] IMG_3825 [640x480] IMG_3835 [640x480]

(When is that mommy of ours ever going to stop with the flashy light thing?)

IMG_3851 [640x480] IMG_3853 [640x480] IMG_3856 [640x480] IMG_3866 [640x480] IMG_3886 [640x480]

IMG_3891 [640x480]  IMG_3899 [640x480]

Reed with Miss E.

IMG_3900 [640x480]

Douglas and Miss M.

IMG_3947 [640x480]

The three boys gone wild.

IMG_3949 [640x480]

Miss E.

IMG_3964 [640x480]

There’s nothing more delightful than holding a sleeping baby except for sleeping with a sleeping baby on you.

IMG_3968 [640x480]

4th of July Sparkler Art

IMG_3975 [640x480] IMG_3976 [640x480] IMG_3977 [640x480] IMG_3978 [640x480] IMG_3985 [640x480] IMG_3991 [640x480]


Rebecca said…
Not that I know anything but...I think Miss E looks like Doug and Miss M looks like Reed. Did I get that right?
Brenny said…
The sleeping one is my favorite -- I love the spread eagle baby look. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, and I'm pretty sure it would be WAY more concerning if you were hiding your addiction. Thanks for sharing all the pictures!
Johnson Family said…
I love the pictures. You'll never be sad that you took a ton. Is it just me or does Elisabeth have a look like her cousin Dantzel? At least in the pictures to me, huh? Anyway, they are both adorable!!
Melissa said…
Don't cure your addiction too soon-I love seeing those cute kids of yours!
Welch Mom said…
If there is such a thing as "Havetotakeaphotoaddictivism" I have it! If your kids are adorable like yours why not indulge :)
Heatherlyn said…
I am LOVING your sparkler art!

And I don't think you can ever take too many pictures of your kids. Ever! Keep snapping away! They grow up way too fast!

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