Can you hear me?

For about 2 weeks now, the little ladies and the big lady, me,  have been fighting colds and four days ago mine, with the help of some forceful speaking to my children, turned into laryngitis.  So, I am without voice at the moment.  Today, my voice has started coming out in spurts and with enough wind power and projection, I can get about 5 audible words out per 10 minutes or so.  Since this is the case, I’ve been whispering a lot and at times have just abandoned conversation all together.  My kids don’t take me seriously when I say, “go to your room,” or “stop bugging your brother,” etc…  They give me a look that clearly says, “You can’t be serious mother, I’ll wait till your voice recovers before I even think about cleaning my room.”  Yesterday, I went to the drive-thru to get some lunch and when I got to the order speaker, nothing came out.  The lady taking my order could barely hear me whispering into the speaker and I ended up with two completely wrong orders.  At least she got my diet coke right, which is all that really matters when you’re trying to survive on 4 non-consecutive hours of sleep per night.  Earlier today, I was again out in my car driving around town with the munchkins and my mom, when some rude driver cut me off in a very impatient manner.  I didn’t rear-end him like some road-ragers would, but I did move my hands about in a frustrated manner and whispered, “jerk!”  Yes, you could imagine the fear the guy felt when he looked in his rear-view mirror to see me mouthing such an insult,but had he been sitting next to me in the car when I used such language, he’d have laughed himself to the point of needing a change of pants. 

I must end this blog entry in a very inconclusive manner as Miss Miriam is crying and insisting that I come and get her and give her lots of cuddles and kisses.  I shall try to post pictures later today if I can manage it.  Have a great day all!


Heatherlyn said…
It's a bummer about losing your voice! I hope you are all feeling better soon. It takes a while to feel rested after having a baby. I can't imagine 2 babies. Maybe you'll feel normal again in 3 years. Or maybe 5. :) I hope that you can get some rest!
Brenny said…
Do drive throughs get your order right when you have a normal voice? I'm jealous. More pictures? Yes, please. Back up the truck...
Welch Mom said…
Glad you still have time to Blog! Hope you voice comes back, it is hard to have much authority with no voice!
-Ang said…
ME TOO!! It has definately been going around! I just got my voice back today. Didn't do any drive- throughs, but wasn't answering the phone fun :)?! Went and saw "Eclipse" and the gals I went with kept getting a kick out of the way I sounded.
Your girls are adorable!! Hang in there :) -I hope sleep returns soon!

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