Pictures Galore!

Here are a few of the pictures I’ve been taking these past 2 weeks and this isn’t even a third of them.  Thank goodness for digital cameras!

IMG_3731 [640x480] IMG_3733 [640x480]

Isaac’s graduation from pre-school.  It was an adorable occasion with dancing, music, and comedy.

IMG_3734 [640x480]

Elizabeth making a Cheerio mouth

IMG_3736 [640x480]

“Please, no more pictures, I’m trying to sleep.”

IMG_3657 [640x480] IMG_3670 [640x480]


IMG_3682 [640x480] IMG_3684 [640x480] IMG_3686 [640x480]

Big brother holding Elizabeth

IMG_3689 [640x480]

Dad and his girls

IMG_3700 [640x480]

All three big brothers.  What do we do with girls?

IMG_3706 [640x480] IMG_3709 [640x480]

Miriam squinting at the flash.

IMG_3715 [640x480] IMG_3716 [640x480] IMG_3719 [640x480] IMG_3723 [640x480]

Cute outfits from Aunt Andi and Uncle Aaron.

Life with little girls is just plain wonderful.  Sleep is something of the past for us but definitely worth it.  How do we turn nocturnal babies into day time babies?  They’re doing well according to their 2 week doctor check up. 

I think the boys are starting to adjust to the female additions to the family.  Isaac I think is feeling a little ignored so we’re having to make a special effort to make sure he feels included.  He sure loves his sisters though and is constantly showering them with kisses.  Reed and Douglas think they’re “so cute.”

I’ll try to keep the pictures coming when I can.  Chris has been able to work from home this week and I don’t know what I’d have done without him.  I’m not sure how I did this before with the first set of twins.  I remember having a constant flow of family members coming to help, so that must have been how I came out of it still with breathing and with a pulse.

Miriam is calling for me in her cute, delicate yet urgent cry.  Must go!


mommymuse said…
Those might just be the prettiest little babies EVER! So, so, so cute!!! You're making me baby hungry, dangit!!! I'll send "sleeping through the night" vibes your way...
Deanne said…
The girls are adorable. Keep the pictures coming! =)
Rebecca said…
They are so cute! Makes me baby hungry too for a little girl:) You guys are like super parents!!
Welch Mom said…
Thanks for the update. What a bunch of cuties!
Melissa said…
Love all the pictures! I am truly amazed at all that you do!
Siouxsan Says said…
sooo cute!! Love the pics! When on earth did Isaac get SO big?
Brenny said…
Great pictures -- be assured there is an absurd amount of gushing over the girls's cuteness on this end. Love the preschool grad picture.
Heatherlyn said…
Your children are all beautiful!!!!!
panamamama said…
How did I miss that you had twins? So adorable! Congratulations! The boys look so sweet with them, you'll have lots of little helpers.
leigh said…
Great update. Those little ladies are such eye candy. Hope you parents of five get some rest soon :)
Congratulations Becky! Your babies are beautiful!
nomes said…
I wish we could have stopped to see you guys when we were in UT. They're super cute Becky. :)

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