Two more little baby birds in our nest…

Elizabeth just fell asleep and Chris is holding a very alert and curious Miriam, so I find that I have about 2 minutes to update this blog.

2010-05-13 13.29.25 [640x480] Miriam and Elizabeth2010-05-13 12.54.47 [640x480]

Two beautiful little ladies and one puffy mommy.

Thursday the 13th, Chris and I woke up at about 5 am, got dressed in our most modest hospital suited attire and drove over for the scheduled c-section.  It was so simple and unrushed of a thing that it almost felt as if I was going in for some basic procedure and not the delivery of my two precious baby girls.  After some waiting, re-dressing, monitoring of the babies, IV attachments, and a few bathroom trips we were ready for the operating room.  This time there were no painful contractions accompanied by moans and complaints, rather we had a nice walk to the OR, I climbed gracefully (as graceful as a 38 week pregnant lady can be) onto the table, met my best friend, a.k.a. the anesthesiologist, and the procedures began. 

Despite the calm mode of this civil surgery, I was quite nervous, a little emotional, and anxious for all impending events.  After surviving the administration of the epidural, the surgery went rather smoothly.  The usual pain in my arm pit that I’ve had with my previous c-sections reappeared, the blue cloth to block any views of the surgical process was installed, Chris was lovingly by my side holding my hand and fanning me with a clip board to help with the nausea, and the doctor behind the screen gave me the non-gory version of what she was doing play by play.  Then, after some pressure on my lungs and ribs, a gushing sound which I believe was the water breaking, I heard one of the most glorious sounds on earth, the healthy cry of my new born baby.  Elizabeth Erin was born at 8:34 am with great lungs, big alert eyes, and beautiful black hair.  They brought her around for me to see after which a joyful flood of tears came.  Two minutes later after some more of the same tugging and pushing about of my body parts came Miriam Andra who also had a beautiful set of lungs, brown hair, and like her sister, carried a bit of heaven with her.  It is one of the most celestial experiences I have ever had, giving birth to these two girls and my other three children.  Just thinking of those remembered feelings brings tears to my eyes.

2010-05-13 17.00.57 [640x480] 2010-05-13 17.02.14 [640x480] 2010-05-14 12.47.17 [640x480]

We are all home now, after a 3 1/2 day hospital stay, and all of us are doing our best to adjust to life as a family of seven.  Writing it feels weird but saying we are a family of seven is even weirder.  We are all so grateful for these new additions and the boys love them and are constantly asking to hold them and give them kisses.  Sleep is definitely a thing of the past and it’s going to take a while to adjust.  The first night home I think Chris and I got a total of 1 hour of sleep.  Last night I think I got maybe 2 or 3 if you count falling asleep while nursing.   

Both of the girls are quite healthy and Miriam only had to be on oxygen for an hour and a half.  It can be a very crowded place when you are one of two inside of your mother. 

Here are the stats:

Baby A:  Elizabeth Erin  weight:  7 lbs. 9 oz. 21” long

Baby B:  Miriam Andra  weight:  7 lbs. 2 oz. 19 1/2” long

As for the contest from my previous blog entry the winner would need to be closest to the total weight of the babies (not the total weight of all that came out during the surgery which was 20 lbs.).  So, the babies combined totals in weight were 14 lbs. 11 oz..  My mom, who hasn’t seen me since Christmas, guessed the closest.  Nobody would suspect that twins could come in that size and at just weeks early.  Imagine if I’d gone to 40 weeks!  Thanks for all of you who joined in the contest!  We’ll get you that gift certificate as soon as we can mom!

2010-05-16 12.27.09 [640x480]


Congratulations Becky!! I am so excited for you! It's so weird to think that you have girls now. :) I can't wait to see pictures!!!
mommymuse said…
Omigosh, I'm so happy for you that you've got me all emotional, too! Happy tears for you! Beautiful, gorgeous little babies, and oh my goodness, I LOVE the names you picked out!!! How perfect!
Welch Mom said…
Oh Becky, they are so beautiful and sent from Heaven for sure. I can totally sympathize with your birth experience and reading it brought back memories of my own. You are one great woman and I hope you are able to get some sort of rest. Sending our love from Michigan!
Kate said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So excited that they are here and healthy. You'll have to add me to the "who do I call for help" list! Can't wait to meet them! You are one special lady!
Rebecca said…
So adorable! Love the names and love the hair! So happy for you. Thanks for sharing some pics and good luck!!! I hope somehow you can get some sleep. And you have girls? weird but awesome!
Mellissa said…
Good grief...they are big babies for being twins! Beautiful names and beautiful babies. I am so happy you have a set of girls...double the fun. Congrats to all seven of you!
Melissa said…
So Sweet-You've got me all teared up! The girls are adorable-congratulations!
Holli said…
Congratulations to all of you! They are beautiful girls! Love the pictures.
Heatherlyn said…
Yeah, I guessed way off. Twins are not usually the size of healthy full-term babies! You are amazing baby! And all of your children are really beautiful. How wonderful! Now, if you can just get some sleep!!!!
congrats Becky! They r adorable! I saw Your little sister on Saturday she was helping with our blood drive in our Stake and your dad too! She told me you had the babies! I am so happy they are here and well.
Yay! I am sitting here with my mom looking at your darling babies and we are both so happy for you. Glad all went well and hope you start to get some sleep soon!!! :)
Brenny said…
I've been thinking about you and hoping things went well. The girls are beautiful and you look great! Thanks for the update and the birth story. It brought tears to my eyes, too. Yay for girls! Those two look like they'll be great chick-flick/ rom-com watching companions to me. Lucky mama.

Now stop catching up on blogs and go take a nap!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!
The Earls said…
Yea! Congratulations! They are beautiful. Good job mommy!
AHHHH! So so happy for you and your family of SEVEN! :) Love the names...very Becky, if I say so myself! They look like angels. FINALLY, more ESTROGEN in the house for you!!! xoxoxoxo.
-Ang said…
Love the picture of them together in their carseats! So glad everything went smoothly and that it was a beautiful experience. I'm thilled for you guys!
Deanne said…
Congrats! They're adorable!
Melisa said…
Congrats!!! They are gorgeous!


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