An Empirical Education

Mama’s Losin’ Challenge

5.) List 10 things you never knew until you were mom.

1.  That boogers make a stronger adhesive than super glue.

2.  When children are too quiet for too long they are most likely asleep or getting into some very, very, very deep trouble.

3.  Patience truly is a virtue.

4.  Children can scream in pitches that if contained could probably cut through metal in the same way Superman’s laser vision does.

5.  That I should have taken classes in aerodynamics, physics, paleontology, and chemistry instead of focusing on humanities.  Oh, the questions I could answer if I’d been properly educated in college.

6.  Gas/or bodily humor is just about the funniest type of humor on earth.

7.  That I’d gain 3 extra memory carriers.  Whenever I take my children to the grocery store I no longer need a list, I just assign each one a few things to remember.  Of course, the list is always somewhat augmented to include Skittles or Hershey's bars, but we’re still pretty close in the end.

8.  That there are people who start off each day at a jog.  Just this morning, Isaac woke up, heard his brothers from his bed, jumped out of his covers and was down the hallway before his stuffed bear could even say good morning.

9.  That all you need for a good abdominal workout is a child willing to share his perspectives on the universe, the digestive tract, and what the tooth fairy wears when on the job.

10.  That I was only seeing a fragment of the beauty and size of life and love.  How can the heart hold so much?


Wow! 3 Boys. I'm sure you could have wrote a book, if you could only find the time.
Stopping by from MamaKat's and now following!
Michelle said…
Totally agree with the gas being the funniest thing ever. I only have 2 boys, but you would think they were being tickled to death whenever a fart is heart! I can't imagine adding another boy to the mix. I bet you have tons of fun!
Heatherlyn said…
Beautiful. And TRUE!!!!
Brenny said…
Great list -- and just for the record, the gas/ bodily humor also extends to girls. Well, at least the 16-year-old and the 4-year-old at our house. I personally don't see what's so funny...
domesticgoddess said…
motherhood definitely isn't for the weak stomached thats for sure!

Came over from Mama Kats!
Natalie said…
Yet again, another offering of true and very entertaining wisdom. I'm with girls think bodily functions are hilarious. Great. I never thought my daughters would be teaching my sons to toot on demand, but they did today actually. I'm in for it!

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