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Mama’s Losin’ It Challenge

3.) Open a letter to Santa Claus.

Douglas’ Letter to Santa

Click on the image, or on “Douglas’ Letter to Santa” above, to view this year’s letter written by one of my 7 year old sons to Santa.  Ah, how they have such hopes.  They must think Santa’s made of money or that Elf labor comes cheap.  By now, I’m sure the little guys are unionized and Santa has to cover, besides therapy for the vertically challenged, all of their dental, medical, and accidental reindeer encounter insurance.

imageA representation of the big guy included on the back of the letter.  My boy better have been a very good boy this year with those kinds of written wishes.


Rebecca said…
Wow- that is quite a list! I am not sure I ever wrote that many techo things but you know back in the dark ages they did not have all the techno toys.
Heatherlyn said…
He certainly gave Santa a lot of options. You need to tell your boys to make thier lists multiple choice. Santa picks one of the options! :) We told our kids that Santa is not spending more than $30 on each child this year. We will be spending maybe twice that. But that's it. I keep telling them repeatedly that if you want a lot of presents to save it for your birthday wish list. Since when did Jesus' birth become the time to ask for everything you ever wanted? What I really don't like though is when my children pick the ONE thing they REALLY want and the stores have stopped selling it???
Melissa said…
He does have high hopes! My kids only get to ask for one thing. I am the really nice mom who says Santa doesn't bring toys to greedy kids.
Julie said…
Wow, that is a long list! I love the illustrations...I am not sure if he put them in there because he thinks the old man is losing his eyesight or that he just doesn't know his toys :)

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