Brimble the Bored

The Mama’s Losin’ It Challenge

4.) Write a story in exactly 101 words.

Brimble the Bored

(based off of a mostly true story)

Once, in a zoo far, far, away, lived a bored baboon named Brimble. He was caged with a French baboon who answered primarily in snorts whenever Brimble asked him a question, or commented on the weather. One day, a group of adolescents visited the zoo and spied Brimble on a leafy branch gnawing distractedly on a twig. The adolescents, always aware of the plight of the bored, tossed Brimble a gumball. Brimble caught the gumball and with little thought, tossed it into his own mouth and chewed. Thenceforth, Brimble was a boisterous, bubble-blowing, baboon who no longer suffered from complete boredom.


Heatherlyn said…
So he actually chewed the gum and didn't swallow it? Smart baboon!

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