Does this book have an outlet?

Warning:  a major venting blog session.

imageWe have a new library in town which has been completed since I believe April of this year.  We have gone often and in the process I have saved a lot of money by checking out books and not buying them.  It’s a very nice library with the latest in library technology and they even have a cafe.  I’m just a bit put out by one thing, their lack of parking for the majority of library visitors. 

People of sense go to libraries in order to save money on books they’re not sure they want to own or can own.  It’s a wonderful system, the public library, and gives all the opportunity to experience an education through book reading.  This library has chosen to design its exterior and interior in a 1950’s-60’s style, not a favorite of mine as it instantly says “old,” and not in that classic sense of the word, but it’s clean.  They have made every politically correct attempt possible to “go green,” and yes, it is wise to use as little power as possible and solve the problem with ingenuity.  However, there is a point at which this “go green” stuff starts to really bug.  the parking lot is a nice size and there are plenty of spots for the average patron, the handicapped, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and I imagine the unicyclist.  There also happens to be a HUGE section, right up front, for Electric Vehicles. 

imageLike I said, I’ve been going to this library since April and have probably on average visited at least once a week in order to drop off or pick up books. In all that time I have NEVER seen an electric car plugged in or even parked in these sections!  I’m tempted to put an extension chord in my car come winter and stream it from my window to the plug and then go and complain that they didn’t have the right hook-up for my car.  The problem with their lack of electric cars is this.  Anyone rich enough to be able to own one would also be rich enough to frequent a bookstore and waste as much money as possible on buying books.  Therefore, the library is not meant for electric car drivers and those spots should be given back to those who have to use the books that other people have used.  Give us our parking spots back!

Okay, venting session is over.


Rebecca said…
I concur. That is ridiculous to have those parking spots! There are not enough people who drive them.
Heatherlyn said…
They could switch them to carpooling spots. Still "green" but there are more people who car pool. My favorite spots are the ones reserved for Mom's with small kids ... you could always write them a letter and suggest it. :)
Brenny said…
I SO want to be there when you tell them they don't have the right hook-ups for your car. Hilarious. But I completely agree -- the electric car only spots are ridiculous.
Brenny said…
Do they let hybrids park there? Just a question.
Holly and Kevin said…
I always thought it was crazy to have so many, I can see maybe a few like two or three but any more than that is way to much especially for UTAH.

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