45 Word Obituary

Another “mama’s losin’ it challenge”.  I chose #5, which was to write my own obituary in 45 words or less.

birthdayObituary in 45 words.

She passed a few things before her death.image

None of which were stones or bad breath.

She disliked some, liked more, and loved a great many

And hoped that some day she'd earn more 'n a penny.

Tall, strange, and sweet, she'll certainly make great peat.


Trudy said…
That is funny stuff! Very creative.

Visiting from Mama Kat's!
Peat!!!! I love it!!!

I envy those who write in prose!
I loved this obit...I never thought of doing it as a poem - and peat certainly has a better ring than worm food!
Heatherlyn said…
That's great!

I'm so going for one of those biodegradable coffins! My grandpa made sure to bury my grandma in something stainless steel, leak proof, rust proof. I think I'd rather just blend in with the dirt eventually. Actually, it's all pretty morbid.
Brenny said…
Fantabulous! I love it.
kisatrtle said…
very creative...great peat. LOL
Isabel Princes said…
I love the old lighting her cigarette off the candle...it makes me feel bad I'm a quitter lol. Great post!
Soxy Deb said…
Prose? What the heck is prose? Where I'm from we call it rhyming. lol.

Nice obit! Oh that just sounds all kinds of wrong...
Robin said…
too funny....

Hope your day was beautiful,
Mama Kat said…
This is great! I love that you didn't take it too seriously...oh AND have you read Heatherlyn's post?? You totally inspired her!
Natalie said…
Great. Fantastic. Brilliant. Just don't die for about 70 years. :)

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