Male/Female relationships according to Douglas

lightning bugs

“Did you know that there are lightning bugs (or Fireflies) in Utah? The reason they don’t glow is because they’re all males.  Only the females have bottoms that light up.”

Chris and I wondered where baby lightening bugs came from if all the males really are in Utah.  So Douglas, where do babies come from if all the girl lightening bugs were left in Michigan?  If I’d known I wasn’t so out numbered while living in Michigan in the male/female ratio department, I would have adopted a few of those lightning bugs and dressed them in pink.  I never have anyone who will let me dress them in pink.

“I know why they call boys, males and girls, females.  It’s because the men always get the mail, and the girls always get the fees.”

That’s how it is in our home.  I seem to be the one with the check book powers and therefore the receiver of all of the fees/bills.  Chris just gets the mail because I forget to most days. 

“Why do people say male twice whey they say mail man?”

I didn’t feel like I needed to mention what it would mean if it was called a “femail man”.  No, best not to step on that slippery slope.

Reed just listened to this lesson on gender differentiations and came out, somehow, knowing that the male penguins incubate the eggs, not the females.  Anyway, that’s my life this weekend in an eggshell, nutshell, conch shell, seashell, or a fe-shell.

**see link to fireflies for further details.  The European female firefly actually does glow brighter than the male.  There’s also a type of female firefly that attracts mates and then eats them.  They call her the “femme fatale” firefly**


Melissa said…
Douglas is a very deep thinker!
Heatherlyn said…
A lot of bugs seem to eat their mates. Well, only the females eat the males. My favorite is the praying mantis as described in Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard.

We just started to watch part 1 of Pride and Predjudice this weekend. My husband said that it is the girlie girlist movie ever! But he'll still watch the rest of it if I tickle his back while we watch the movie. Now there is a male-female compromise!

And really, how do these male fireflies replenish themselves?
Rebecca said…
Love your boys philosophies! Kind of scares me though-what will mine come up with? We miss you!
Brenny said…
Deep thoughts by Douglas. Now the whole 'fe' will be running around my brain for the rest of the day.

I saw you read 'These is my Words'. SO good. Jack Elliott. *Sigh*
Melisa said…
What a riot! I learned so much reading this. :o)


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