Benefits of Bunnies and Bitamins

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At the last minute I remembered that traditionally people have an Easter dinner for the holiday.  Ever since I’ve been a grown up (I think I’m one of those) it’s hard to remember those things without other family around to celebrate it with.  I remember it being really scary the first time I had to make a turkey and it wasn’t even a whole one.  This year, I remembered to buy a ham only because I happen to be walking in that section of the grocery store.  Well, I cooked it, we had potato salad (gotta use up those boiled eggs), rolls, and pineapple. 

I didn’t realize what meat-a-vours my kids were until I saw them gobbling up the ham.  As it is with every meal, we have to stress the benefit of each item on their plate, especially the ones they won’t eat.  They have finally gotten down the benefit of protein.  Because they are growing they have started a level of competitiveness, that being “who has the biggest muscles” contests, and protein is now their ally.  Their minds are always going as I’m sure any observer of children has noticed.  Reed, no doubt, was thinking about how his food helped him when he brought up the next topic of conversation.

Reed:   I know where all the left over food goes that doesn’t go to your body.

Mom:  Let’s talk about this after we eat, okay?

Reed:  No, let me tell you, it goes…(no need to explain the details of his understanding of the intestinal tract).

Mom & Dad:  Stop, please.  We don’t talk about that kind of stuff at the table.  (Reed continues to talk about it, not getting the hints that started gently and have grown to threatening).

Finally, he comes to the end of his biology lesson, after which mom reverts to how things were done when she was a kid (along the lines of “there are starving people in China”, and people used to never talk about intestines at the table, and they also used to wear their shirts.  And for that matter, they never brought their guns and knives to the table either).

Mom:  If you had done that at grandma H.,s house you would have been in big trouble.  She would have made you leave the table. (Reed now feeling defensive over his lesson, started making an I’m shocked-you-could-even-think-that face).

Douglas, as usual, on Reed’s side of the argument where all things bodily are involved said:

Douglas:  (in an indignant tone he asked) Why?  Grandma talks about that all the time?

He was referring to my mom, their grandma H., not my dad’s mom, my grandma H.  Yes, their grandma, my mom, is very open about subjects concerning biology.  We can make excuses for her by saying she was a nurse and that’s why she’s gotten used to discussing such subjects openly.  Perhaps this can be my new technique in encouraging them to go to medical school and becoming doctors.  “You can talk about that subject as much as you want if you become a doctor, but until that day, you’ll have to keep table conversation to benign subjects such as the weather and geography.”  Though, even those subjects, unbelievably, can turn onto roads less dignified.

Here are a few pictures from Easter, pre-sugar shock and crash.  They’re just so cute!  Yes, I can say that, besides it’s true.  Honesty is always the best policy.

IMG_2240 [800x600] It’s so bright out here!

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Heatherlyn said…
Yes, your boys ARE very cute and handsome!!!!

I think that your technique of telling the boys they can openly talk about bodily functions if they become a doctor is a brilliant strategy!!!!

I'm glad you had a happy Easter!

(I made a ham this year for the first time!)
Mommy Of 2 said…
You have the cutest boys, they look adorable all dressed in their best!!! Looks like Easter was nice for you guys! You are such a funny writer,I love it!!!!
Melisa said…
What great conversations. haha!

Handsome boys! :o)

mommymuse said…
Such good looking guys, and getting SOOOO big! Yikes! Where does time go?
I just love how the twins "have each other's back." They are such cute boys, all three of them. What was in the deviled eggs? My little girlie was talking about the same bi-product on Easter too, though a little different and not at the table......maybe it was the peeps! Those things have always scared me....maybe the dye works biology lessons in your brain!:)
Happy Easter dear girl..what an adorable trio are yours! And yes, you are coming to NC with us next time. It's really the life, out there on the beach. There is NOTHING like it first thing in the morning -- just like those oatmeal and life insurance TV commercials! You must know my sister from all our years in Rancho, and that's your ticket! Brush up on your German, since that was her minor at the Y. Hugs to all your family from us.
Brenny said…
Good times, good times. I hear you about having to remember holiday meals now that you are an adult. I probably wouldn't have done anything if we hadn't been invited to someone elses house... And Darren had to ask sheepishly if I was going to get him a chocolate rabbit. Poor man.

The pictures were great. You can tell they are brothers because they have the same smile -- well, at least in the first 'the sun is so bright I can only squint and smile' picture. Yay for spring and sunshine!
Rebecca said…
Your boys are super cute! and I love to hear your stories.
Natalie said…
Aside from Rex, those are the cutest boys I've ever seen! Don't you love biological table talk? It seems like we have similar conversations at nearly every meal. Uggh!

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