Lucy wins the Super Bowl!

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On Sunday we attended the blessing of Jared and Rhi's new baby girl, Lucy.  As you can see she is quite the adorable creature with big beautiful blue eyes.  Below is a collection of photos I took at Rhi's parent's house who had us all over after the blessing for a wonderful lunch, thank you guys!  Of course, guacamole , chips and hot wings were consumed.  It has been reported that Super Bowl Sunday is the day in which the largest amount of avocados are consumed in this country and I didn't want to be left out.


As far as Super Bowl Sunday goes, I watched the last 38 seconds, which really equals 38 minutes of the game (38 seconds + 3 timeouts + 2 commercials - 1 bathroom break + 3 trips to the refrigerator = 38 minutes),  so I know that the team with the yellow on won and not the Arizona Cardinals.  They really ought to rename that team as there are no Cardinals in Arizona.  The Arizona Blue-footed Booby for one or the Arizona Yellow-billed Cuckoo.  Maybe just the general bird classification, the Arizona Anatidae.  Just a thought, and it was random, as are most of my thoughts.  No offense intended, just a desire for accuracy in the naming of sports teams.  If I were a Team Namer (is there a class you can take in sports ed. school to be qualified to do this?), where football teams are involved, I'd go with names related to large, hairy, muscley, IQ challenged beasts (the last trait is only a result of constant head bashing not an insult).  The Sicilian Cyclopes,  the Battling Buffalos, the Rambunctious Rhinos or the Lugubrious Ligers.  Alliteration should also be a required part of the naming process.  Congrats to that yellow team, but I'd never tell them they were yeller in front of them.  Shall we go on to the subject of costume/uniform color?  Yellow?  Hmmmm.

IMG_2157 [800x600]

Brooklyn's life size Lucy doll

IMG_2158 [800x600]

IMG_2161 [800x600]

Alyssa and Reed cooking everyone plastic food, yum...

IMG_2169 [800x600]

Grandpa and Lucy

IMG_2164 [800x600]

Jared, Erin, Rhi, and Lucy

IMG_2168 [800x600] 

Grandpa and Douglas

IMG_2177 [800x600]

Chocolate cake faces.

IMG_2175 [800x600]


I love this entry for the TERRIFIC fam fotos!! Soooo good to see the likes of Erin and Jared again... and the Grandaddy -- priceless! It's my husbands favorite pose now too. Speaking of which,yesterday was his FIRST year to miss the SB -- his YA calling called, he answered, and Tivo delivered. What a guy! I still say get both teams a ball so nobody fights. Oh, and think of all the avocadoes that would be safe today.
Jayne said…
I watched the Star Trek superbowl ad today. That movie sure looks like it's going to be a good one! Especially that Mr. Kirk. They chose a great actor for his role.
Brenny said…
Lucy is the clear winner. The pictures are great! And you are not alone wondering why the team is called the Arizona Cardinals. It has never made sense to me, and because cardinals have nothing to do with Arizona, I always forget about them. They need a serious rename. Diamond Backs are taken, so maybe Road Runners?

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