Heads up! Or down?

head stand

"If you need to stand on your head, please do it on the floor and not on the desk chair," I said while Reed attempted this unnatural move on a swiveling desk chair which sat next to our new monitor. The same monitor that, within the first week of purchase, had been stabbed in the heart by a pencil that I can only imagine wanted a closer look. We put a finger in the bleeding wound and it survived leaving an eighth of an inch scar. Since then I've noticed when we are looking at various celebrities, news people, or whoever on this monitor, that there is a great amount of nose wiping to be done. "What is that under her nose? Why won't anyone offer her a tissue? Why doesn't Brad just wipe that off of Angelina? I bet Jen would love to see this coverage!"

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

It always seems to take a minute before we remember that scar on the monitor and that it's not the fault of bad hygiene, or whatever category nose wiping falls under. I sometimes forget that celebs have people that check their noses before they hit the limelight.


As for Reed's "need" to stand on his head, it turned out that the need had been met in that small chair-balancing act and he was from that moment ready to face his other needs. Some of which included a bowl of popcorn, a chocolate chip cookie and a device designed to find missing Lego man heads. We only had one head and for all I know it's probably in my vacuum bag. Oops, and I'm not going in after it.


Sitterud Family said…
Hey Becky~!!! We totally miss you guys! I love reading your blog it is always so funny.
So what's new? Are you guys still in Ogden, what is Chris doing?
Love to catch up
Natalie said…
Can I get one of those Lego-man-head-finding devices? We have hundreds of little headless bodies floating around. I'm so impressed by the headstand on the swivel chair; even after years of gymnastic training, I have yet to find my balance on anything mobile.
Welch Mom said…
I need someone to check my fly before I left the house. Any takers?

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