"Mom, do you know where I put Mr. Incredible?"

Reed and Douglas enjoy playing with Chris' iphone which happens to have a camera. Here are two of the pictures he found. The ones not featured included R2-D2, a purple bug, and a lone soldier, who in previous times has been called the "bad guy."

El Dorado Trek

Here we have Tulio attempting to de-wing Hopper after what must have been an epic battle. Lieutenant Sulu is obviously trying to hold Tulio back, saying, "Tulio! He's already dead, we need to stop this senseless violence and go find Bo Peep! I swear I saw her just a minute ago, and she is soooo cute!"

dead grasshopper

R2 Tries to Explain

"Thanks for your support man! When R2 ran over my foot I thought I was a gonner. Those sand people would have been right on me if you hadn't flown by," said the struggling soldier.

photo (9)

"Oh, it was no problem. I've been searching far and wide for something they call the Force" said Mr. Lightning while looking out over the desert for his aircraft.

"Beep, reep, doooooot, reep, deep, deep, weeeeoooo" explained the little droid with much enthusiasm.

"What was that about?" asked Lightening.

"I don't know, the dude's been making those sounds all morning, every time I would say 'I need to force myself out of this pit'," answered the soldier.

"Beep, reep, doooooot, reep, deep, deep, weeeeoooo" explained the little droid again with even more enthusiasm.

"See what I mean? Droids."

"Say, do you think he knows something about the Force?" asked Lightening enthusiastically.

"Na, he's just a big bucket of bolts," answered the soldier.


"AH! What was that for?!"


Deanne said…
Sophie likes to take pictures too, but she hasn't discovered taking pictures of her dolls in action.

Instead she makes Truman pose for shots and takes all sorts of random pictures of things around the house. At least it makes for some fun when I review what she took pictures of later...but my commentary is never as entertaining as yours! =)

Thanks for the laugh!
Rachel said…
Lol! Gotta love the superhero play! And the action pictures are even better!
Melisa said…
Just wait until you get a girl and barbies, etc get added to the mix. lol!

Natalie said…
I can't even breathe because I'm laughing so hard. Adam wants to start a publishing company, and you, Reed, and Douglas should write the first book. They can illustrate and you can narrate!

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