Parting a Path for Pat, the Pirate, and Pat's aunt.


My living room floor looks like a vegetarian horror film staring Mr. Potato Head in the process of being boiled, roasted, pan seared, charred, mashed, and skewered. The following is a conversation between Mr. Pirate Potato and Mr. or Mrs. Pat Potato, before I tripped into the room, going something like this (random thought: Are there cross dressers where spuds are involved? I'm sure the unavoidable androgyny inherent in the lives of potatoes has spared Hasbro a few headaches where lawsuit-happy gender activists are involved) :

Mr. Pirate Potato: You better pick a good one this time or this will be the last spud race you ever see, get my drift?

Mr.or Mrs. Pat Potato: Well, I'm just going to put this mustache and this skirt on and nobody will recognize me when I place this bet on the Irish spud with the blemishes. Trust me, I'll be back before you can sprout eyes.

Mr. Pirate Potato: "betray [me], and I will fong you, until your insides are your out, and your outsides are in, your entrails will become your ex trails I will w-rip...all the p...ung. Pain, lots of pain." (Knight's Tale)

IMG_2088 [800x600]

"They did it, they finally did it! [Dang] you all to [heck]!" (Planet of the Apes).

Apparently, Mr. or Mrs. Pat Potato must have taken the winnings and made a smashing run for it. Unfortunately for him or her, Mr. Pirate Potato was used to his or her type of spud's antics and I found the results on the floor and there were definitely ex trails, entrails and lots of fonging. Has anyone seen my masher?


I couldn't resist posting this picture of "Darthtater".

P.S. Thank you Wendy for the Mr. Potato Head set. As you can see it definitely helps to build the imagination. I've been kicking a tongue and arm around all weekend.


Melisa said…
This is so weird. I almost used, "Pain, lots of pain" in one of my posts, but I thought no one would get it. I should have known that Becky, my love, would. :)

And the day before Natalie did her Serenity post, I was talking to my yoga instructor about it. I can't believe I'm still on the same wave length with you ladies!


Someone who likes pets and has a lisp?
mommymuse said…
Wow. And do you let the kids play with it sometimes, too ;).
Brenny said…
Oh the carnage! Mr. Potatohead has got to be one of the best inventions ever.

As a side note: just like the first picture, I sometimes want to counsel my husband to pack his 'angry eyes'.
Natalie said…
I love the quote from "Knight's Tale" and I think this post now tops the list of my favorite segments on your blog. I have tears in my eyes and I can't breathe. I love how you describe every situation; I'd complain about the mess, but you make it seem like the most amazing exchange of tuberus ideas. :) I love Darth Tater! Me, you, and Melisa need to get together (preferably in Hawaii) for some yoga and Target shopping.

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