Some last minute pollinating


So..uh...let's look at the calendar,'s November 10th.  Yes, I believe it's still Autumn and I've noticed that a lot of my trees are now without leaves and are hunkering down for the upcoming winter storms.  So, what the heck is my flowering pear tree thinking?!  I have 4 of these trees and this one particular tree seems to think it's Spring.  I'm not a tree expert, though I do believe I have some understanding when it comes to the changing of seasons, but this does seem to be so last season to me.  Maybe this guy's just up for some last minute pollinating, I don't know, but I guess it's it's own business and I'll have to leave him to it, just weird.



Melisa said…
Pretty flower picture!

Daven insists that it is now winter, due to the snow. It is only November!
Rachel said…
I love the flowers! It bring hope to the cold right?!?

Melisa... welcome to Michigan and the strangest seasons ever. Most years we have a foot or 2 of snow by Thanksgiving. Then little to no snow for Christmas.... then the unlimited supply comes from January to April. (Sigh) Oh how I hate the cold!!!!
Natalie said…
I love that Clueless reference, and I love that flowering tree! I'll definitely have to plant a few when I get my own property. Anything that brightens up the gloom of the fall-to-winter transition is welcome in my yard.
-Ang said…
Maybe it's the pleasantly warm fall we've mostly enjoyed. I'm in trouble... I left my bulbs in the ground and they all already grew a foot just in time to freeze -oh well:(.

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