I'm related to Super Erin!

super woman

What does it mean when your dryer stops working with a load of wet laundry in it? Or when the car you wish to use to take those wet cloths to the laundromat in won't start?  Or when the Internet decides not to connect? Or when your 3 year old finds paper to be very appetizing but in the way tobacco is consumed with chews and spits?   Perhaps I offended Electro, God of all things shocking.  Or maybe I've taken the role of Alexander who had a "horrible, no good, very bad day."  Well, it actually wasn't that bad because I happen to be the sister of Super Erin who came to my rescue just before the flux capacitor exploded, and brought life to the car battery and the use of her very capable dryer so that we might have clean underwear tomorrow.  Thank you Erin a million times over for your super hero skills, and for feeding us lunch while our stuff dried.  You are the woman!  Oh ya, I forgot to mention that she let me watch the new Tinkerbell movie, a privilege I know I would never have in a house full of boys.  Did you know they won't even let me walk down the "pink" aisle at the store?

Later...the dryer is still dead after several chest compressions (or repeated button pushing, door shuttings, and exclamations of frustration from the laundry lady, me) but then it may just be in a comatose state. Perhaps even an unconscious coping mechanism for dryers who are doomed to dry a butt load of laundry all in one day, while awaiting the GE repairman to come tomorrow between 1 and 5pm, no doubt with some power greater than mine, perhaps a magic button pushing thumb that can only be purchased at stores where they sell those hands that hit things to make them work.

Oh, oh, oh, the Internet just started to work, so here goes my post!


Natalie said…
My dear Becky, I LOVE the way you can make the most horrible day sound interesting and even amusing (what a talent!). I'll read your rants any day of the week. I'm glad you have a wonderful sister to save the day (she has quite the body, I might add) and that your car and Internet are functioning again. Don't you hate the "sometime between noon and five" bit? I always feel so restricted because our repair people inevitably come at 4:57. :) Here's to a better day manana.
Kate said…
She is Super! Isn't it nice to have family close to help rescue?! Hope that the repair isn't too terrible!
This is hilarious! What a good idea to give chest compressions to Mr.Dryer. Although it sounds like Mr. Dryer has an agenda of its own. And it probably didn't make for a good day by it getting dark at like.....NOON! Seriously! I am so against daylight savings time.
kimhumpherys said…
wow, an exciting day! i love how things don't work out how we want..all on one day! when it rains, it pours! thank goodness for Erin! at least if things are going to work out poorly, you have family close by to help out!
Hooray for Erin! I hope tomorrow goes better for you!
Welch Mom said…
oh becky, you poor thing! Sounds like you are quite the superwomen yourself!
Melisa said…
I'm so sorry, sweets! I hope your day is better tomorrow. Or you can always move to Australia... ;)(I LOVE that book!)
Brenny said…
I don't mean to laugh at your pain, but you make it sound so funny. Have you tried being nice to the dryer? Kindness is my brand of magic for getting appliances/ cars/ anything mechanical to work. (You are such a good car. We sure like you car. Etc) I hope you have a better day!

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