Where are my boots?!

IMG_1415 [800x600] 

Good morning South Ogden!  That's a ton of snow!  According to the boys this snow means that "it's the best day of [their] life."  It's a good thing I got those bulbs in the ground the other day.  Crazy!  Now the boys are bugging me to find their snow boots.  Douglas just said it's time to get his tongue stuck to a pole. "Stuck? Stuck!!..." (Christmas Story).


Kate said…
My boys are feeling the same way! (I say yuck-already?!)
Brandon said…
Oh my goodness! That is a lot of snow! Craziness!

Snow, snow, go away... and don't come back another day!
The Earls said…
Wow I didn't think you'd be getting snow first! It's 77 here today. I guess we can count our blessings!
Welch Mom said…
Oh for once, I am happy to be in Michigan. I can not claim that in the dead of winter!
Wow, that's a lot more snow than we got!!! Crazy!! Not sure about you, but I'm just not quite ready for the snow yet.... Give me a few more sunny days please!!!!! K, so lets get together yeah?? I got your email and we need not wait any longer! I'll call you this week! :)
Sorensens said…
UGH, I was just in Utah yesterday and we left early to get ahead of the snow so we could make it back to Colorado. I do love the first snow though because everything is so white and pretty.
Deanne said…
Oh no. Does that mean snow is coming our way? Ugh. I'm not ready for it to start yet!
Julie Moore said…
CRAZY! You got SNOW! In October!!?? Wow! I LOVE the snow! I'm excited for the hollidays, too. Aren't seasons wonderful? Love the pics.
Lindsay Klinger said…
I can't believe you have snow already. Sounds like it's going to be a long winter in Utah.
Holy coldness! Guess it's not much different than Michigan, is it?

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