Sunday, September 21, 2008

They say when you marry in September...that the wind really blows.

Gavin and Vanny got married a few weeks ago and last night was their reception. It was so beautiful!  The reception was outdoors in Jodi and Dave's backyard and what looked like a great stomping ground for their dog Bailey turned out to be a romantic garden in paradise.  Great job all of you crafty decorator people, oh, and the food was delectably delicious, especially the lil' smokies (I suggested those yummy hors d' oeuvres for my wedding reception and everyone teased me for my backwoods taste, and lo and behold a request for those little tacky wienies was made.  Who would eat a an unidentifiable green blob with a twig of parsley on it when right next to it sits a pot full of smokies?)

IMG_1118 [640x480] 

Tessa's 17 year old friend made this cake, her first wedding cake, wow!

Gavin and Vanni

jodi and dave

I think, if Tessa values her life or the sanity of her parents, she won't be getting married for another decade or two.

dave, vanny, gavin and jodi

IMG_1166 - Copy

Douglas being Alyssa's plate holder. "Can you hold that a little higher, oh, and, are you going to eat that chocolate covered straberry?"


cake (Copy) [640x480]

My poor and inexperienced attempt at cake decorating.  I was actually pretty proud that nobody in my family sat on it.

IMG_1135 - Copy (Copy) [640x480]

Douglas (Copy) [640x480] IMG_1146 [640x480]

Reed, Alyssa, an Douglas escaping all of the connubial bliss while swingin' on the hammock

brooklyn [640x480]


Kara and Jason said...

I can't believe I found your blog! Hi there! It's Kara (Atherton) Lanier. I am so excited to blog stalk you now!!

Mike and Melissa said...

Very pretty wedding cake! I can't believe it was her first. Yours looked pretty good too, Becky!

Mommy Of 2 said...

What a beautiful cake, I bet it tasted even better. I am a sucker for yummy treats!

Melisa said...

I wish I knew how to decorate a cake. It seems like it would be a useful talent

Sean and Jeannette said...

Beck, love the post! I'm so hungry right now but I'm forcing myself not to enter the kitchen...but the cake you made is killllling me! You should totally take up cake decorating! With your artistic eye and whimsical personality, you'd be a hit:) Better name your business "Agent B Cakes." Do you miss me? Because I MISS YOU!!!!

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