Bat Boy and the Bikers

Chris got a job! Yesterday was his first day and it went well.  The company he works for is based in Montreal so he had to be in their Provo office at 7am for some training.  He seems to like it so far and it's got possibilities for growth and even though this job is a technology type job it will lead to a future in the new legal field of e-discovery, Chris' ideal job.  He plans on starting his own practice on the side once he gets sworn in next month.  This means that we will be having to move in the next few months from So. Ogden to Hap..I mean Utah Valley.  I dread this moving thing but I also don't like being away from Chris during the week.

IMG_1363 [800x600]

Because I am all by my lonesome with the 3 little men, I have had to arm myself with more ideas for entertainment incorporated with sleep inducing exercises.  So, Bat Boy (Isaac) and the Bikers (Reed & Douglas) spent yesterday evening playing outside and riding bikes. They have gotten much better at riding their bikes now that they have a good place to ride.  It appears from this picture that we need to raise Reed's seat a bit, Mr. Longlegs. 

IMG_1314 [800x600] IMG_1320 [800x600] IMG_1334 [800x600]

This is Bat Boy.  For the past 2 months this Batman cape has been Isaac's accessory of choice.  He eats, sleeps, and plays in this cape.  Oh, and he can fly as he has "tooper powers."  So far lift off has only been from surfaces like the couch, ground level, and his bed.  I dread the moment when he thinks he can fly off the stairs like his brother Douglas, who at about age 3 jumped down 4 stairs and broke his leg.  Yikes!

IMG_1338 [800x600] IMG_1353 [800x600]

"Mommy, stop taking the picture, did you see how bright that sun is?"  I've been experimenting a little with taking pictures and playing with the aperture and shutter speed.  It's been tooooooo long since my photography class and I'm still trying to figure out all that my camera can do.

IMG_1355 [800x600] IMG_1361 [800x600] IMG_1362 [800x600]

These are the boys mug shots in case the police need to know what the throwers-of-dirt-clods-into-the-road-boys look like.

IMG_1360 [800x600]

We're innocent, trust us.


Melisa said…
I feel your pain, sista. It is hard when daddy is gone. I'm hoping to maintain sanity. Happy house hunting!
Deanne said…
Congrats on the job! I love your pics too. My favorite is the one of bat boy lying on his tummy in the grass. He looks so contemplative.
Welch Mom said…
Oh instead of batman we have a garbage man that shows up many days equipped with garbage man shoes and outfit. I did not know the garbage man dressed like a Florida gator fan? Maybe it is just the nuclear orange shirt he likes.
Natalie said…
What a handsome brood of troublemakers you have! All three of them are dashing and I'd be thrilled if one of my daughters ended up with one of your sons (looks like it will be Karli since Amber is already sworn to Miles Miller). Those pictures are fabulous and I love Bat Boy's cape. I hope you don't go crazy while Chris is gone; that would make me insane, and I hope you move to Happy Valley really soon because it's really happy here! Everyone is perfect, and no one goes to McDonalds with poopy legs. :)
Bat Boy and Bikers are SO cute! I love the picture of Bat Boy thinking on the lawn. I wonder what he came up with?
Brynn said…
A JOB! A JOB! HOW WONDERFUL!! One day (hopefully soon) we will be following suit...although, admittedly...hopefully not to happy valley. Although the fact that you and Natalie are both there makes it a little more appealing...:)
Your kids are so darn cute!! That is also so exciting that Chris got a job and you are moving closer to Provo. That means we can spend more time together!
mommymuse said…
Happy day! So glad you're moving closer to us!!! Good luck keeping your sanity until then...
-Ang said…
Wonderful news about the job! Now you can feel a little less in limbo and even more when you find the house. I can hook you up with a great realtor and lender cnnection if you need them.
Hang in there with the boys :).

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