1st day of 1st

IMG_0836 [800x600]

It's a little bit tough to pull the proper picture grin that early in the morning but at least I got their hair combed.  There has to be a first for everything and probably the last as far as this school year goes (combs and water bottles have a way of disappearing in our home).

IMG_0837 [800x600]

This particular style of backpack wearing is called "the Rambo", of course they don't know that reference yet, but we of the backpack underworld know of these things.  My favorite is "the Kangaroo."


Deanne said…
Such cute boys on their first day of school. Now what will you possibly do with yourself all day?! =)
Welch Mom said…
Wow how they have gotten so big, but still so cute!
Brynn said…
Seriously, SO big. and FIRST GRADE?! How are you holding up>? Do you like your neighborhood/ward/school, etc? I realize I oughtta just call you to get this info, but this is my lazy way of trying to catch-up with you.
Natalie said…
What handsome devils! They look adorable as usual and I'm glad to know we're not the only family who can't keep track of a spray bottle or a comb. I hope they love their classes and have a grand time in first grade!
They look so cute! I love the Rambo style backpack.

I am so glad it was pigs and not kids in the previous post! We are 100% buzzer people. I have no desire to wake up to the news and be in a bad mood all day!
Mommy Of 2 said…
Wow, first graders, I know how that is with one myself. Hope they have a great first grade experience!
Anonymous said…
Becky!!! Your blog is simply DIVINE!!! How great that it has a direct link with Rae's...that's just what I need! We adore seeing your parents each Tuesday, and getting happy news about your family, and siblings....now with your blog, we have some photos too!!
We adore you all,
The Paynes
-Ang said…
What a pair of heartbreakers! Love the backpacks Rambo style!
My first (Alexis) just started kindergarten! I think I did pretty well seeing her off :). It's kinda nice to be down to one at home (or running erands abroad) for a few hours though I have to get up at 7am now -bleck!
-Angela Groke

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