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I don't know how many bobby pins I had in my hair, but I have the feeling that if I were to suddenly jump up, click my heals together and take off on a broom, a swarm of bobby pins would be left floating in the air behind me. Yes, I was a beautiful Witch Hazel yesterday. Today I feel the look coming back and faster than I'd hoped. I got my hair cut 2 days ago and have no idea how the hair dresser got it to do what it did to look good. All of my attempts are making me look like I'm growing out a mullet while sporting a Farah Fawcett wave. I suppose if I were to complain to my hair dresser she would say," well, I do have years of training and experience." I guess comments like that are why the rubber band was invented.

Reed and Douglas have just left for their school field trip to a ranch. Reed thinks they're going to Texas and I think he'll be surprised when he realizes how close it is to Michigan. These two ranchers were up at 6:30 this morning, dressed and asking when we were going. "Not for 2 more hours, go back to sleep!" I guess the teachers stressed over and over that they needed to be on time as the bus would leave at 9am sharp and everyday since they've reminded me. I think some things should only be shared with the parents. Fund raisers for example, what the heck is the school thinking trying to get Kindergartners to go out selling crap from some magazine that makes a 3 inch box of chocolate look like it's a foot long so they can win prizes. Come on! They're going to have years and years of education to compensate for what $10,634 yearly doesn't cover with lame fundraisers. So, where does this money go? I have the feeling there are too many fingers touching this money before it actually gets to the school where my child is attending. And now to pay for the mismanagement of funds, my kids get to sell disgusting chocloate, 1 yard lengths wrapping paper, and ugly glass figurines to the neighborhood and family so they can earn a prize in the form of a generic Rubik's cube or plastic Slinkey. Ugh!


Isaac being a cute cheezer boy for the camera while I went around the house taking different angles for people to see who want to buy a townhouse. He was much cuter than all the rooms in our house.

Anyway, I'd better get a start on cleaning up the house to prepare for my two ranchers arrival and to maintain the facade of order when a possible buyer comes to check out the place.


Melisa said…
Bald could be so tempting if I had a better shaped head.

Buyers? Your house is already on the market? sigh
Isaac sure is cute! One of these days I will meet him...
Good luck on the house selling. I hope the real estate market is better in Michigan than here in Cali!
Where's the picture of your haircut? I am sure it looks fine!
I KNEW you got your hair cut!! We just had such great conversation on our date with you guys, that I didn't have space to fit it into our discussion!! I thought it looked might beautiuous:) I hear ya' on the "ugly wave" that happens to those of us who don't have pin straight hair. Not fun.

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