Pomp and Circumstance

Congratulations to the Graduate! Chris, you are the man! You are also the newest possessor of a Juris Doctor degree that I know of. May I shake your hand? Maybe a kiss too? Thanks! I am so proud, relieved, shocked, happy, nervous, excited and many more adjectives concerning our new state of being, that of being done with school! At least we can all take a deep and relieving sigh of relief knowing that Chris just finished his last test and last paper of law school.

The graduation ceremony was nice and legal. We were in the nose bleed seats in the Wharton Center on the MSU campus. They were fine seats, and as long as I didn’t' look down I was o.k. Only one person almost fell off, ahhh! My feet hurt just thinking about it (my physical reaction to height is pain in my feet). There were two speakers, both female judges here in MI. In the opinion of one, the best service a lawyer can do is to support the ACLU in one way, shape, or form. Well, maybe we can help them in the way of their demise, ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa….(that was an evil laugh by the way).

I'm done! Get me as far away from this law school as possible!

Chris' mom and dad flew out for this momentous event and we've loved every minute of their stay. Reed, Douglas, and Isaac have been showing them what life is like for their mom and dad. Though, I think they’re showing their innocent-what are mom and dad complaining about -faces, well, except for maybe Isaac. Isaac let a few things slip, like tonight when he poured Reed’s grape juice on Reed, and when he kept spitting on people in an attempt to sound like a heffalump and when he microwaved a plastic toy cheetah (by the way a cheetah is a Cheeto that runs faster than a car). But, he’s so cute and gives good hugs and kisses, soooo, it’s o.k. I guess.

I was not friends with my camera on this occaision. Wash out!
But the subjects are beautiful so I guess that makes it all better.

Thank you to all of you wonderful people who have supported us through this law school experience. We are truly blessed and I really mean it! Sometimes I’m in a state of constant awe just looking at the things that had to take place for us to be here having this experience.


Matt and Leigh said…
Man... a thousand congrats! You should take a day or two and do absolutely nothing... maybe play a star trek video game or something... (then promptly get out your bar-pass books right?) seriously kudos to Big Brother!
Brynn said…
Well said! And definately congratulations!! I too laughed at the ACLU comment. I'm glad to have gone through this stage of our lives together. It has made it all much more manageable when I knew you were doing it too (with THREE kids!) :) I love the Williams family! I think our JD's should just start a firm together.
Melisa said…
Yeah! I am so happy for you guys! What a great feeling! That is such a huge accomplishment! I'm so happy for you that it is done, but we will surely miss you all.
Julie Moore said…
Congratulations! I bet you two are thrilled to be finished! Actually moving onto real life! We're are so happy for you!

The Hunter and Julie Moore Family
Congratulations! The easy part is over, now it's time to pass the BAR!

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