Math Emergency

This is from an email my cousin Jayme sent me. It is hilarious! Douglas asked me why I was crying while watching this and I had to explain that when something is really funny, sometimes people laugh so hard tears come out (and sometimes other things, depending on how many children you've had). He must think women are the weirdest creatures ever. We cry when we're sad, we cry when we're happy, and we cry when we laugh. If anything, we have incontinent tear ducts.
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Natalie said…
That is so funny, but your situation and analysis of it are even better. Women are strange creatures, aren't we? :) I wonder if I can call 911 to find someone to wash my dishes tonight...
Lindsay Klinger said…
That was hillarious. Clever Kid!
Sorensens said…
Holy Crap! I found your blog the other day, but I did not know it was you, I was just like this blog is really cute and I like it! WOW, IT'S YOU! Hey Becky, WOW! I heard from Erin that you had a blog and I have asked like 3 times now to email me the link (who knows) when I would have gotton that.
I am so glad you guys are doing great-I miss all the fun times, it's fun times now, just way more crazy.
Have a great day.
Love Jen

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