Where do your loyalties lie?

We had another enlightening session with Dr. Minivan today. The boys are out of school for a week for spring break and so we have lots of time that must be filled with activities in an attempt to avoid boredom, a state of mind that leads to craziness in both old and young. Just getting out of the house helps.

The color of our minivan was not worthy of these sexy mini van photos.

The first part of the morning was spent outside playing, and for mommy, reading on a blanket and asking Isaac not to bring her any more sand. Lunch time arrived and so did the need to drive around. I don't know why, but I feel like I haven't done anything unless I somehow get away from home during the day. That's probably a subject for another session with Dr. Minivan.

So off we went with the Doc. to visit the King and partake of his bovine-ian offerings. Lunch was good and on the way home we all started noticing the different kinds of cars on the road. It started with a bright green Jeep. So I asked the boys what color and kind of car they would like. Reed said he wanted a red one with big tires. Isaac didn't comment, but I could imagine his would be a rocket powered blue monster truck with flying capabilities. As for Douglas, I don't know what they've been teaching my boys in school or what kinds of guests they've had but I have the feeling they've invited a union worker from a GM plant because Douglas' answer to my question was: American! Then he specified that it would be a Dodge. What?! At age 6 the only details I could give about a car was the color and if it was a truck, van, car, or corvette (my Barbie had a pink corvette).

Lotus (or Locust)
Barbie's Corvette (too Pepto-pink for me)


Michigan's sad economy has rubbed off on my boy, or maybe he's been talking to the guy at the Muffler Man. We get our oil changed there and every time I go I get looks of disapproval as I wheel my Kia (Korean) minivan into the garage. I get an even bigger sideways head shaking when I pull in the Isuzu Trooper. To get that one fixed they have to send to Grand Rapids for parts as there are no spare parts for such a car in Lansing. I'm debating whether I should take Douglas to the GM plant and see if they would like a child for a spokesman in their next commercial or if I should take him to a European sports car dealership and set him right. He and I saw a bright yellow Lotus the other day and when I asked him today about that car he said "I don't want a Locust." Oh well. Those Dodge Ram trucks are pretty cool too.

Monster Truck-uck-uck-uck (that's the echo from the loud speaker)


Brynn said…
Ha ha ha...must be time to move! :)
Melisa said…
I saw a bumper sticker at the elementary school that said, "If you must drive foreign, do it in a foreign country." You will have to pry the steering wheel of my Odyssey from my cold, dead fingers. No way I'm giving it up!
kimhumpherys said…
i love reading your blog, you're so funny! when we rolled into Michigan we only had our Honda Civic and we got all sorts of looks too..but then we got a Ford minivan and everyone befriended us! But we definetly are foreign car people and it seems most of Utah is as well!

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