Masking Tape Marathon, don't hurt yourself!

Reed and Douglas on their 6th birthday with big grins showing off their missing teeth.

Gotta make sure everyone gets a chance to blow out a candle.

Another birthday! Aaahhhh! I have two 6 year olds. I was just asking myself: Self, how old will I be when they turn 16 and can start dating? The number was not comforting. I don’t even want to type it, so there.

Reed and Douglas got spoiled and even Isaac got a gift or two. It’s really hard having their birthday so close to Christmas. They don’t realize the novelty of getting presents on their birthday, as their skills of unwrapping gifts are still fresh and fine tuned from 16 days prior. It’s so much more fun to unwrap a gift in July when one has been so out of practice, and when those special little muscles haven’t been used or even stretched. “Ow! Ow! My pinky, it’s cramping! Someone, get over her and peel off this tape! Quick!”

These two boys were actually due on Groundhog’s day, but they thought it important to be early than risk arriving late. If only they still had that acute concept of time when getting ready for school in the morning. I guess I must accept that some things are lost with time and age. Some of them can come back, like baby fat, though it’s not as cute when you’re 31 (AAhhh! I just gave away my age, so you can figure out the earlier equation, but there really is no need to strain yourself, so just keep reading).

Speaking of age, I was just wondering when Isaac’s keen interest in toilets and its water will end. Let’s see, he’s 2 ½ , an age when I think it would be a good idea to potty train, and he refuses to even sit on the toilet, but has no problem taking from the polluted well. I’ve had to keep cups out of his reach and have become even more militant toward Reed and Douglas as far as flushing habits go. At last, I have resorted to keeping the bathroom doors locked. The potty trained people have to come to me for a key if they wish to use the facilities. It’s kind of like a gas station, but I don’t always make them buy something in order to use it. Well, enough potty talk, I’m off to get the young masters from school. They don’t mind being late to school in the morning, but are quite insulted if I should show up even 2 minutes late. Hmmm, double standards?


etosamoe said…
It's probably good you didn't describe Isacc's bathroom activity in full detail, some readers may have just eaten.
Julie said…
I was still wishing for mine at 31.
Don't feel so old! :-0
Melisa said…
Hey, I'm 31! You aren't calling me old are you? ;)

I struggle with Calet and our bathrooms. She's already figured out the lids. Dang. I just run around and shut the doors all day.
The background of the kitchen in the picture with the boys blowing out their candles looks just like Heidi's kitchen! Anyways, cute blog. You are so clever. I understand your bathroom issues. Hunter is mesmerized with bathrooms, luckily he can't open doors yet! We just started a blog, so check it out sometime!

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