Mawwage, it's what bwings us together today.

Here are a bunch of pictures from Chris' trip to Utah for his sister Lacey's wedding.

Jake and Lacey at the Luncheon after the wedding in the Salt Lake LDS Temple

The newly married couple.

Chris, Andi, and Mike

Matt and Leigh enjoying their last day in Utah before moving to the Caribbean for Med. School

Aaron and Andi Trammel, cute.

Finally, we got them all married off!

Scoot over, I'm falling off of the couch!

The Williams, Trammel, and Williams families


Matt and Leigh said…
Man... you have some good lookin in-laws!... I can't believe how big your boys are getting, we'll have to make it up there... sometime... Note: we changed our blog site to: -It's 2008, out with the old, in with the new... come see us soon- for a law school graduation present maybe?...
Melisa said…
I love wedding pictures!

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